Raimbroy's Grocery

This small grocery store located on the western side of Southern San d'Oria, Raimbroy's Grocery provides a small, albeit useful, selection of cooking ingredients for any connoisseur of cooking.

Location: Southern San d'Oria E-8

Shop type: Grocery

Southern San d'Oria Raimbroy's Grocery

Raimbroy's Grocery Entrance


Sells to San d'Orians only
when San d'Oria is 1st
Sells to everyone
when San d'Oria is 1st or 2nd
Sells to everyone when
San d'Oria is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd


   Citizen: San d'Orians Only
   Conquest: San d'Oria, 1st

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: San d'Oria, 1st, 2nd

   Citizen: All
   Conquest: San d'Oria, Any rank


Name Purpose

Starts Quest: The Sweetest Things
Involved in Quest: Mixed Signals

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