Start NPC Gaddiux (J-10) - Western Adoulin
Requirements Legend rank in all coalitions
Saved by the Bell not active
Items Needed Pickaxe
Key Item Numbing blossom seed
Key Item Broken rapier hilt
13,099 High-purity Bayld
200 Ghastly Stones
200 Verdigris Stones
200 Wailing Stones
Pristine Yggrete Crystal
1 crafting item from all 6 Delve bosses
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Epeolatry
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Destiny's Device None

This quest does not enter your quest log until much later.


Stage 1

  • Trade 100 High-purity Bayld to Runje Desaali. This can be done cumulatively.
  • You will receive the Vial of crimson catalyst key item.
  • Speak with Octavien at (I-8) in Eastern Adoulin.
  • Travel to Rala Waterways (M-6) from Eastern Adoulin (F-7) and examine the door behind Yeggha Dolashi. Select "Quiescence" to enter a battlefield.
  • This fight is similar to an original level 70 Maat fight, as you will lose access to your subjob. One difference is the time limit is 15, not 10, minutes.
  • Your fight is against Zurko-Bazurko.
    • Zurko-Bazurko will use two swords and have access to all sword weapon skills.
    • Upon winning, you'll receive the Key Item Quiescence.
  • Return to Octavien for a cut-scene.
  • Talk to Gaddiux in Western Adoulin (J-10) for a cut-scene to complete Stage 1 of your weapon.

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Game Description

[This is a challenge] You smell of rotten-wotten rolanberries. Now come fightaru me. Zurko-Bazurko