• Lowers target's evasion. If successful, you will earn two Finishing Moves.
    • If Dancer is set as your support job, you will only earn one Finishing Moves.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 20
  • TP Required: 10
  • Recast Time: 00:15
  • Duration: First Step lasts 1 minute, each following Step extends its current duration by 30 seconds.


  • Inflicts Lethargic Daze
  • Lethargic Daze on yourself or on an enemy may be removed with Erase
  • Stacks up to level 5
  • Stacks with Sneak Attack
  • Stacks with Box Step
  • Stacks with Stutter Step
  • Success varies with melee accuracy.
  • You do not need to be facing the monster to use this Step.
  • Does not wake sleeping monsters.
  • Will not kill chigoe.
  • Level 1 removes 8 evasion, each additional level removes 4 evasion up to a total of 24 evasion removed.
  • If Dancer is set as your sub-job, or the mob already has Lethargic Daze (lv. 5), it will only give one finishing move

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Quickstep" <t>
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