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| style="background:#ECD2A5; padding-left:1em;" | {{Abundance|0|12}}
| style="background:#ECD2A5; padding-left:1em;" | {{Abundance|0|12}}
| style="background:#BBE6E6; padding-left:1em;" | [[Hi-Ether +3]] {{Temp2}}
| style="background:#BBE6E6; padding-left:1em;" | [[Hi-Ether +3]] {{Temp2}}
| style="background:#BBE6E6; padding-left:1em;" | {{Abundance|12|49}}
| style="background:#BBE6E6; padding-left:1em;" | {{Abundance|12|49}} (Up to 2x)
| style="background:#ECD2A5; padding-left:1em;" | [[Poison Dust]]
| style="background:#ECD2A5; padding-left:1em;" | [[Poison Dust]]

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Brown Casket Blue Casket
Item Abundance Item Abundance
Custodes Template:Rare2Template:Exclusive2 8.3%Warning(8.3%) Antidote Template:Temp2 14.3%Warning(14.3%)
Brass Greaves 0%Warning(0%) Catholicon Template:Rare2Template:Exclusive2Template:Temp2 18.4%Warning(18.4%)
Brass Mask 0%Warning(0%) Daedalus Wing Template:Rare2Template:Exclusive2Template:Temp2 10.2%Warning(10.2%)
Brass Cuisses 0%Warning(0%) Echo Drops Template:Temp2 22.4%Warning(22.4%)
Ether +2 8.3%Warning(8.3%) Eye Drops Template:Temp2 20.4%Warning(20.4%)
Iron Ore 16.7%Warning(16.7%) Elixir Template:Temp2 6.1%Warning(6.1%)
Maple Log 0%Warning(0%) Hi-Ether +1 Template:Temp2 10.2%Warning(10.2%)
Mythril Ore 0%Warning(0%) Hi-Ether +2 Template:Temp2 8.2%Warning(8.2%)
Mythril Ring 0%Warning(0%) Hi-Ether +3 Template:Temp2 24.5%Warning(24.5%) (Up to 2x)
Poison Dust 16.7%Warning(16.7%) Hi-Potion +1 Template:Temp2 18.4%Warning(18.4%)
Potion +2 0%Warning(0%) Hi-Potion +2 Template:Temp2 18.4%Warning(18.4%)
Potion +3 58.3%Warning(58.3%) Hi-Potion +3 Template:Temp2 8.2%Warning(8.2%)
Silver Obi 0%Warning(0%) Melon Juice Template:Temp2 14.3%Warning(14.3%)
Wool Thread 0%Warning(0%) Pamama au Lait Template:Temp2 16.3%Warning(16.3%)
Mythril Earring 8.3%Warning(8.3%) Potion +2 Template:Temp2 0%Warning(0%)
Cotton Brais 8.3%Warning(8.3%) Potion +3 Template:Temp2 0%Warning(0%)
Chamomile 8.3%Warning(8.3%) Prism Powder Template:Temp2 14.3%Warning(14.3%) (Up to 2x)
Mythril Bolt Heads 0%Warning(0%) Remedy Template:Temp2 16.3%Warning(16.3%)
Ether +1 0%Warning(0%) Silent Oil Template:Temp2 14.3%Warning(14.3%)
Cotton Headgear 8.3%Warning(8.3%)
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