Brown Casket Blue Casket
Item Abundance Item Abundance
Bomb Ash 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Antidote Temporary 12%Uncommon(12%)
Brass Cuisses 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%) Catholicon Temporary 18.4%Common(18.4%)
Brass Finger Gauntlets 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%) Daedalus Wing RareExclusiveTemporary 15.2%Common(15.2%)
Brass Greaves 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Echo Drops Temporary 12.8%Uncommon(12.8%)
Brass Mask 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Elixir Temporary 9.6%Rare(9.6%)
Chamomile 6.5%Rare(6.5%) Ether +1 Temporary 3.2%Very Rare(3.2%) (Up to x2)
Chestnut Log 3.2%Very Rare(3.2%) Eye Drops Temporary 20%Common(20%)
Chestnut Sabots 1.3%Very Rare(1.3%) Hi-Ether +2 Temporary 11.2%Uncommon(11.2%)
Cotton Brais 1.3%Very Rare(1.3%) Hi-Ether +1 Temporary 17.6%Common(17.6%)
Cotton Gloves 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%) Hi-Ether +3 Temporary 19.8%Common(19.8%) (Up to x2)
Cotton Gaiters 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%) Hi-Potion +1 Temporary 16.8%Common(16.8%)
Cotton Headgear 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%) Hi-Potion +2 Temporary 18.4%Common(18.4%)
Custodes RareExclusive 8.4%Rare(8.4%) Hi-Potion +3 Temporary 10.4%Uncommon(10.4%)
Ether +1 10.4%Uncommon(10.4%) Melon Juice Temporary 12.7%Uncommon(12.7%)
Ether +2 8.4%Rare(8.4%) Pamama au Lait Temporary 20.8%Very Common(20.8%)
Evolith Exclusive 6.5%Rare(6.5%) Potion +2 Temporary 2.4%Very Rare(2.4%)
Hemp Gorget 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%) Potion +3 Temporary 2.4%Very Rare(2.4%)
Iron Ore 6.5%Rare(6.5%) Prism Powder Temporary 16%Common(16%) (Up to x2)
Malboro Vine 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%) Remedy Temporary 14.4%Uncommon(14.4%)
Maple Log 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%) Silent Oil Temporary 14.4%Uncommon(14.4%)
Mythril Bolt Heads 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%)
Mythril Earring 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%)
Mythril Ore 5.2%Rare(5.2%)
Mythril Ring 1.3%Very Rare(1.3%)
Poison Dust 8.4%Rare(8.4%)
Potion +2 11%Uncommon(11%)
Potion +3 14.9%Uncommon(14.9%)
Ram Horn 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%)
Ram Skin 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%)
Silver Obi 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%)
Studded Boots 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%)
Studded Gloves 1.3%Very Rare(1.3%)
Wool Cuffs 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%)
Wool Thread 4.5%Very Rare(4.5%)
Wool Hat 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%)
Vegetable Seeds 3.2%Very Rare(3.2%)
Elm Pole 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%)
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