Start NPC: Iruki-Waraki - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (-)
Puppetmaster 50+
Items Needed:
Reward: Puppetry Taj

Previous Quest: Operation Teatime
Next Quest:


Iruki's feeling blue and wondering what he should do. He wonders why Samaarhan picked him to be a Puppetmaster and what advice he would give.

Bastok Markets: NPC: Shamarhaan

Speak to Shamarhaan. He'll compliment you about becoming a fine puppetmaster. You then explain the situation with Iruki-Waraki, after contemplating it shortly, he tells you that Iruki-Waraki has always had what a puppetmaster should ideally have. His Automaton asks him what it is but he decides not to say and tests to see if you're worthy of knowing it. You have to go to Talacca Cove with a memory chip to do it but you need a trigger switch first and you get it in Mount Zhayolm.

Mount Zhayolm: Quest Location: L-8

There are two ways to get to this item, either by traveling to the Halvung Staging Point via the Runic Portal or running to Halvung itself and escaping to Mount Zhayolm. It's up to you.

After reaching Mount Zhayolm, you'll find the quest location at I-7. Go there and retrieve it and then it's on to Talacca Cove.

Note: The location of the toggle switch may vary because it was found on the same ??? as a Cast Metal plate. I'll update as I find out more.

Nashmau: Zone to Caedarva Mire at G-7, second floor (west exit of town).

Self-explanatory. I'd recommend taking the boat and eating up the time a little bit because it saves you the hassel of having to walk through the zone from the Azouph Staging Point.

Caedarva Mire: Zone to Talacca Cove at E-9

A relatively safe area other than the Imps. Make sure to have Sneak and Invis for chigoes as well.

Talacca Cove: BCNM Fight Location: F-6 (Northwest Corner)

This area lacks mobs so you can run around it freely. The BCNM is at the Rock Slab in the northwest corner of the map. The fight is called Puppetmaster Blues has a maximum of 6 people and the time limit is 30 minutes.

When you enter the BCNM, you'll be presented with a cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll face an Automaton named Valkeng. It starts the fight out in Harlequin Mode after about 80% damage, it'll switch to the Valoredge frame and stay like that the rest of the fight. It maintains all the regular abilities of the Valoredge but uses its Shield Bash more frequently and occasionally will execute a maneuver.

I went in as my PLD and tanked the fight. Our setup was BRD, BLM, SMN, WAR and myself. All of us were level 75. In its Harlequin Phase, it takes damage like a Too Weak mob and hits like one. It'll cast Dia on the tank as well. The Valoredge on the other hand has immense physical defense and a ton of HP. The WAR and I went from 100+ swings to 20-30 damage swings. On the other hand, it takes normal magic damage and a nuker for this would probably be a good idea to bring it down because it took some serious Thunder IVs and Summoner Blood Pacts and was still alive.

Note: I believe that the Automaton may change into the other frames but I have no clue. As more PUPs finish the quest and report in, we'll find out but for sure we know it's the Valoredge at least.

After the fight is over, the unit will self-destruct after asking you a question (doesn't matter what you answer). You now have to return to Bastok to talk to Shamarhaan again.

Bastok Markets: NPC: Shamarhaan

He'll congratulate you and ask you what your answer was to the recording. Answer however you want and he'll tell you what the trait that Iruki-Waraki has and other great Puppetmasters. He then sends you off to see Iruki-Waraki again.

Whitegate: NPC: Iruki-Waraki

Speak to him and Yafahb will come rushing in and tell Iruki-Waraki he knows how he can get the Automaton to come back to Iruki-Waraki. He says to come to the port in Nashmau.

Nashmau NPC: Whoever the exit NPC is for the ferry.

I took the ferry and as you talk to the NPC that allows you to enter Nashmau a cutscene will start. Yafahb comes to you and then begins to explain the plan. After an attempt to show the Automaton that it's inadequate without Iruki-Waraki but fails miserable. The Automaton begins to walk away and you interject. Before you can speak about your answer, Yafahb jumps in and explains why Iruki-Waraki is a great Puppetmaster and they perform for the audience. After a little more talking, Iruki-Waraki thanks you and says to see him sometime in Whitegate.

Whitegate: NPC: Iruki-Waraki

Speak to him and his Automaton will present you with a gift as a thank you and wonders why it ever had human clothes in the first place.

Game Description

Client: Iruki-Waraki (Way of the Devout, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Iruki-Waraki has lost all faith in himself. Meet with his teacher and try to find a way to get Elisabeth to come around.
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