Just did this BCNM on my Taru DRK, gear was pretty standard, AF head, legs, hands, feet, NQ Haubergeon, Rajas, Ulthalam's, Assault earring, Cassie earring, Pole grip, Vassago's Scythe, Amemet Mantle +1, Velocious Belt

The key to this battle is bringing Hi-potions, I ate a Tav taco and was still taking around 100 damage per hit from the Mob, so hi-potions were key, I used 8, but brought 10. I brought an icarus wing, but forgot to use it.

I opened the battle with Souleater and Blood Weapon, once BW wore off, I took off souleater. After my first Guillotine, I used absorb-TP and got close to my second. After that, i kept meleeing, and my third Guillotine finished it off. Other than spamming Hi-potions, the battle was fairly simple, use Stun whenever possible, and Weapon bash as well.

-Maletaru of Gilgamesh!

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