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ENM Information

Name Level Cap Zone
Pulling the Strings 60 Mine Shaft #2716

Please see the notes section of Pulling the Strings for information on how to get to the ENM.

The SAM fight is incredibly easy. I've done this many times and I've actually won without being touched before. This is a fun and easy way to get 2000 Exp and kill some time, not to mention get a nice little earring for the effort.


The fight itself is 60 cap. Just make sure you have decent DD gear for the cap and you'll do fine.

The following is what I take when I do this as a Taru SAM:


I actually don't use food in this fight all that much, however if you are unsure of your acc. bring sushi and if you're unsure of your dmg bring meat.


Before You Enter
Before you go in make sure your equipped for 60 cap you could also eat any food you want now if you so desire.

Inside the ENM
Once inside Meditate twice. Run up to the front of the BC but don't head down the stairs. Use Seigan Third Eye and Sekkanoki

The Fight
This is where everything happens rather quickly, it's also VERY ready? use.... Penta Thrust then use Penta Thrust, Meikyo Shisui, Penta Thrust, Penta Thrust, Penta Thrust. If at any time your Third Eye drops make sure to reapply it. This should have the Puppet pretty close to dead, a few normal hits and you should win, or you could wait an additional 3 min before engaging and meditate for 1 final Penta Thrust.


Upon winning you will get a crate that when opened gives 2000 EXP. There is also a chance you will get a Gamushara Earring or, more then likely, some Worm Mulch.

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