This fight is based heavily on luck more so than on skill. Make sure you have at least some gear for chi blast, at the very least a Justice Badge and some cheap MND rings. I'm not asking you to go all out and get stuff like Geist Earrings and stuff like that, just some bare minimum. Go in, boost 10 times, Chi Blast, change equipment back, focus, dodge, counterstance, hundred fists.

This fight is ALL about what he rolls. Bring about 5 or 6 hi-pots for emergencies, but if you get lucky enough, you won't even need them. Counterstance works wonders in this fight. If he gets TP a lot, it'll spell a quick death for you, forget it if he uses Raging Fists. If he gets Hundred Fists, just pray you outcounter him. Like I said, a lot of this fight is luck based on what he rolls. Just keep punching, never try to run away and weapon skill every 100 tp and you should have it.

Good luck!

Darkhelmet Ifrit 03:14, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

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