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ENM Information

Name Level Cap Zone
Pulling the Strings 60 Mine Shaft #2716


This guide is intended to provide information on the Pulling the Strings ENM for Beastmaster. Instructions on how to get to the ENM are already covered in the general information for the ENM and so is not included here.


This ENM is level 60 cap, please plan accordingly. Any equipment you have on that is over lvl 60 will be automagically downgraded (after the December adjustments to Level Sync in level-capped areas) once you enter the ENM. The equipment suggested is equipment previously utilized in this ENM with successful result. Any comparable equipment that you have in the 50-60 range should be adequate. You do not need Charm equipment as there is nothing to charm in this ENM.



STR and Accuracy food is recommended for this ENM, consequently Sole Sushi is ideal. However any kabob or normal melee food you may have should be sufficient. Bringing a Pear au Lait along is also a wise idea, as it will give you Regen for the duration.


A Hi-Potion Tank or 2-3 Hi-Potions will do much to improve your chance of success.

Jug Pet

Warm Meat Broth for Saber Siravarde. Other pets are untested.
Tiger gets intimidated 50% of the fight, making you unable to attack the Fantoccini without drawing hate.

The Method


This guide is no guarantee that you will win. Defeat is not uncommon when the Moblin Fantocciniman heals the Fantoccini to full health one or more times during the fight.
Good luck!
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