Ok, this fight should be pretty easy providing that you have capped Sword skill for your level. Also I had three different sets of equipment, (One for String, one for wind, and one for melee) This fight can be won with pretty basic melee gear.

The fight begins, you run up to the Fantoccini, but don't aggro him. Cast double Paeon on yourself and Elegy and Requiem the Fantoccini. Just fight normally, watching yourself either hit or miss, there's not really much else you can do. Weapon skill immediately at 100 tp, Fast Blade or Shining Blade will suffice. If the Moblin gives him a spell, dispel it immediately, unless it's something stupid like an INT etude. After you hit like half HP, hit Soul Voice, refresh your Paeons, and Elegy and Requiem him again.

Should HE get Soul Voice, don't give up, his Requiem will take out the effectiveness of one of the Paeons, but you still have the other, don't go for any crazy tactics, just keep your songs up at all times, keep a clear head, and keep attacking and weapon skilling. This is more of a battle of patience than it is of skill.

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