Start NPC Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) (E-8)
Minimum Rank KeyItemBrass Wings of Service ∮
Category Intel Gathering
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1 Member
Star-icon Experience Points Allied Notes
1 407~426 1085~1145
2 Qmark Qmark
3 ~514 ~1371
4 ~544 ~1452
5 ~569 ~1517
Increase Nation's Reconnaissance.
Op Tiers   I    II  
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst


  • Gain your mission from Hieronymus by selecting Intel Gathering, then Prying Eyes.
  • Travel to Beadeaux (S) and find two ???.
  • The first one is located on the island at the northern part of (G-10) on the main map.
    • You will need to go up the ramp at (E-10) and make your way along the walkways.
    • Check the ??? for the message "You have acquired intel on the enemy's defense structure".
  • The second one is located at (H-8) on the second map, surrounded by two Virulent Peiste which aggro to sight.
    • You will have to wait until both are looking away before dropping Invisible.
    • Check the ??? for the message "You have acquired intel on the enemy's supplies".
  • Report back to Hieronymus to complete the mission.


  • You can complete this operation while you have Allied Tags.
  • Mind the True Sight Imps while on your way.
  • Unlike Hawk Eye, the intel gathering is instantaneous, although you will still need to drop Sneak and Invisible.
  • Both ??? are in places where you should be able to avoid aggro while checking them.
  • After checking the first ??? you will also get the message "The gathered information is insufficient. More surveillance is required."
  • When you click the second ??? you will get the message "Adequate Intel has been acquired" and you will obtain exp.


The war planning division is in need of accurate details of beastmen camps in order to devise the next large offensive. Infiltrate Beadeaux with the troops of the 7th Cohors and obtain intel regarding both defensive capabilities and weapon stores.

Unit Requirement: 1 member

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