Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9)
Selbina (G-10)
Mhaura (I-8)
Rabao (G-8)
Norg (G-7)

Quests to unlock destinations:
Researchers from the West
Middle Lands Investigation
Further Founts

Waypoint Teleportation

Players in possession of a KeyItemPrototype attuner may use Proto-Waypoints to teleport to various Waypoints throughout Vana'diel for a small fee of Kinetic Units.

Unlike Geomagnetic Fount Waypoints, Proto-Waypoints can be teleported to and from.

Teleport Locations

See also

Waypoint (for map coordinates for all 3 below)

Adoulin Warp Rune
Augural Conveyor
Geomagnetic Fount

Kinetic Units

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