Start NPC Excenmille - Third Outpost (G-11)- Abyssea - Altepa
Items Needed KeyItemWaugyl's Claw
Repeatable Yes, after zoning
Reward 600 Cruor (300 after repeating) and possibly one of the following:

Goetia Seal: Body BLM (???%)
Charis Seal: Body DNC (???%)
Creed Seal: Body PLD (???%)
Raider's Seal: Body THF (???%)
Unkai Seal: Body SAM (???%)


  • Defeat the notorious monster Waugyl at F-9. All members of the alliance who have flagged the quest will receive the KeyItemWaugyl's Claw.

Game Description

Excenmille (A) Third Outpost - Abyssea - Altepa
Excenmille, hero of the Crystal War, is disheartened by the lack of fortitude shown by his fellow survivors. Show to him that you are different by slaying the dread waugyl and returning with proof of your triumph.
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