Mission Name Proof of Valor
Number 21
Reward Oxblood Orb, Foulard, Angel Skin Orb, Orichalcum Ingot, or Molybdenum Ingot
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On Thin Ice A Sanguinary Prelude


You must now collect 20 signatures from knights in Southern San d'Oria (S).

Freely Given Signatures

Question-and-Answer Signatures

  • Corseihaut (F-6), will ask 6 questions and depending on your answers you can get 6 signatures. Answers:
    • Uwe Prien
    • Mythril Musketeers
    • Klara Bester
    • Robel Akbel
    • Twelve
    • Choh Moui
  • Aurfet (G-9) upper level, will ask you 4 questions and depending on your answers you can get 6 signatures. Answers:
    • Yrvaulair S Coussereaux
    • Febrenard C Brunnaut
    • Valaineral R Davilles
    • Knights of the Rustwing Hawk.
  • Vichauxdat (I-8), will ask you 3 questions and depending on your answers you can get 6 signatures. Questions & aswers:
    • How many Orcish units are scattered across Quon?
      • Three
    • What is the name of the unit led by the Orcish general One-eyed Gwajboj at the Battle of Jeuno?
      • Gutrenders
    • What is the name of the Orc leader who commands the Orcish Hosts on Quon?
      • Grradhod
  • Farouel (K-7), will ask you 3 questions and depending on your answers you can get 6 signatures. You will receive 2 signatures for each question you get right. Questions & Answers:
    • ...Lest you have the ill fortune of stumbling into one of those fell creatures that prowl the Beaucedine Glacier.
      • Smilodons
    • And not to mention the dreadful beasts that call Xarcabard their home...
      • Tauri
    • But of all the fearsome creatures that inhabit the glacier and Xarcabard both, none curdles the blood more than...
      • Ghosts

Quest Signatures

  • Rongelouts N Distaud (I-9), will ask for a Gnole Claw. You will then be challenged to a game of rock paper scissors. This is similar to BCG training in Promotion: First Lieutenant, except instead of Beetle, Crab, Ghost, it's Volcanic Rock(Rock), Scorpion Stinger(Scissor), and Nether Vellum (Paper). You will receive 35 signatures if you win 3 rounds.
    • Rongelouts N Distaud will emote each round; this will determine whether he uses Rock, Scorpion, or Vellum. (Watch him, there is no text emote message it is a motion.)
      • If he uses /point, he will throw Volcanic Rock. (Rock, Use Paper (Nether Vellum) to win.)
      • If he uses /think, he will throw Scorpion Stinger. (Scissor, Use Rock (Volcanic Rock) to win.)
      • If he uses /poke, he will throw Nether Vellum. (Paper, Use Scissor (Scorpion Stinger) to win.)
  • Coucheutand (I-8), will ask for a piece of equipment from a downed Orc.
  • Eumielle (I-9), will ask for Angler's Cassoulet and will get you 12 signatures. (Can be obtained weekly for completing Beans Ahoy!)
  • Sabiliont (I-11), wants Gysahl Greens
  • Hauberliond (H-9), will ask for stacks of Crossbow Bolts.
    • 1 stack = 9 Signatures
    • 2 stacks = 10 Signatures
    • 3 stacks = 11 Signatures
    • 4 stacks = 12 Signatures

Stacks in this article refers to stacks of 12. Since recent items were changed to stack size 99, this is no longer accurate.

    • *Note: Trading more than 4 stacks of Crossbow Bolts will result with the Bolts being taken, and the same result.(12 Signatures.)

After obtaining at least 20 signatures zone and then return to Raustigne (I-7) for a cutscene.

  • If you accidentally select the "Gather More Signatures" option, you must zone out and back in.
  • 120 is the highest amount of obtainable signatures.

List of Obtainable Signatures

Name Amount
Aissaville 1
Andagge 1
Aurfet Up to 6
Corseihaut Up to 6
Coucheutand Up to 15
Daigraffeaux 1
Elnonde 1
Eumielle 12
Farouel Up to 6
Hauberliond Up to 12
Illeuse 1
Loillie 1
Louxiard 1
Machionage 1
Mailleronce 1
Remiotte 1
Rongelouts N Distaud 35
Sabiliont Up to 12
Vichauxdat Up to 6
Total 120

The reward depends on the number of signatures obtained

Game Description

Mission Orders
In order to join Vestillet and Noillurie's units on their mission to Valdeaunia, you must gather support in writing from Kingdom troops stationed within the city.
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