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Promyvion - Memorable Mayhem
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[[{{SUBST:Promyvion - Memorable Mayhem}}|   ]]

The site of our latest adventure is Promyvion, a mysterious zone seemingly between worlds and rumored to exist in various regions. Each Promyvion area is divided into multiple levels, and to access each level, one must defeat an orb-like enemy called a "Memory Receptacle" to activate a warp point.

Participating Party: The Dreamers


Selfeilliget (AKA Sel)

RNG Lv71/NIN Lv35

The leader of the Dreamers. Has some management issues.


Abalard (AKA Aba)

NIN Lv74/WAR Lv37

Fulfills his role admirably, but can occasionally be over-the-top.


Feneinei (AKA Fen)

BLM Lv54/WHM Lv27

The only reliable mage. Lifeline of the party.


Yai (AKA Yai)

THF Lv32/NIN Lv16

Novice adventurer. Still unaccustomed to party battles.


Bernwart (AKA Bern)

WHM Lv41/BLM Lv18

Troublemaker extraordinaire.


Birp (AKA Birp)

WAR Lv64/NIN Lv32

Rookie reporter. Author of this article.

Another rainy day on the La Theine Plateau. Not the best of omens, I (Birp) thought, but there was no turning back. I quickened my pace towards the "Shattered Telepoint," the rendezvous point I had agreed on with the Dreamers.

Sel: OK, is everyone here? Let's get moving, then.

Birp: Wait, there's one missing.

Fen: Yeah, Bernwart's not here.

As if on cue, the figure of a Hume male came running towards us out of the rain. It was Bern. As he drew closer, I saw that he adorned his head with a bright orange pumpkin--hardly proper attire for where we were about to go.

Is this guy really a white mage? I could not help but feel a little apprehensive, but the other party members were apparently used to such antics. Without so much as a second look, they headed into Promyvion - Holla.

Yai: The enemies around here are weak! Weak, I tell you!

Sel: Don't get cocky, now--this is just the first level. Once we advance to the higher levels, we'll be surrounded by "incredibly toughs."

Aba: Memory Receptacle sighted!

Yai: I'll go get it.

Fen: Wait! If you get too close, it'll use a powerful counterattack. We have to attack it from a distance.

Yai: OK.

Sel: This looks like a job for me! Melees, please take care of the scrubs.

Sel, the ranger, and Fen, the black mage, began their long-range attacks against the Memory Receptacle.


Look out, don't touch it! Hit it from afar!

Meanwhile, the other members were busy trying to eliminate the Strays in the vicinity.
Meanwhile, the other members were busy trying to eliminate the Strays in the vicinity.

Bern: #Heavy Swing# TP/123%!!!

Sel: WHM is not supposed to SC!

Aba: The worst is yet to come...

Yai: Sneak/Trick Combo!

Sel: Curaga! Curaga!

Fen: We're gonna die...

Perhaps our group dynamics needed a slight adjustment, but we somehow managed to clear the first level, thanks to the efforts of our leader, Sel.

DPromyvion Battle Plan

Aba: Where is that darn warp point?

Yai: That's two duds in a row!

After entering the second level, we continued to evade and eliminate enemies while looking for the next warp point.

Sel: Curse of the Pumpkin?

Bern: Stop picking on me T_T

Thanks to Sel's "Wide Scan," the warp point on the second level was found with relative ease, allowing us to proceed to the third level.


Warp points are said to be the source of many tragedies...

Fen: The enemies here have a wide detection range. Be careful.

Aba: I found the last receptacle!

Bern: OH NO, LINK!

The enemy had detected Bern, who was bringing up the rear. Behind the pumpkin-headed Hume, a pack of four or five enemies could be seen.

Yai: There's an IT!

Sel: Give us a break, Pumpkin!

Fen: Quick <Cure> for Selfeilliget... I'm going to <Sleep> the Strays.

Aba: <Provoke>ing Wanderer!

A chaotic battle to be sure, but thanks to the calm and composed Fen, we were able to regroup and retaliate. However, this was just the beginning, as the enemies around the receptacle had now detected us as well...

Yai: Sneak/Trick Combo!

Bern: Help meeeee!

Fen: No can do.

Aba: We're finished...

Birp: Darn!

One after another, we began to fall in battle, and I prepared to meet my own inevitable end. But as luck would have it, a passing party saved us at the last minute, and we were able to continue our journey.

Fen: Let's form a strategy before we go in. What's the plan, fearless leader?

Sel: Everyone use poison potions. That is all.

Aba: Yeah, that's one inspiring plan, Boss.

We were finally standing in front of the entrance to the deepest level of Promyvion - Holla.


The final battle is near... What's our plan?

Fen: The enemy boss here uses an area attack that has a "Sleep + Curse + Blind" effect. That's why we definitely need poison potions and holy water.

Fen: Oh, don't forget to use eye drops when you're blinded, too.

Bern: Got it, got it, got it! What about venom potions? Should we use those?

Sel: The key will be when to use the anima.

Bern: Anima... Please explain.

Sel: Fen and I both have animas, so I'll be using it around the middle and end of the battle.

Fen: OK, so melees will use Utsusemi to rotate targets, and we'll be behind them casting elemental attacks and using our animas alternately. And Bern...

Fen: Just don't die lol.

Bern: Anima... Please explain.

Sel: Attaaack!

Several hours later, the plan utilizing the anima allowed us to achieve victory. The party had successfully ventured through and escaped Promyvion - Holla. But our adventures in Promyvion had just begun. Perhaps other adventurers have devised more efficient methods of exploring this complex and often treacherous place. It is my hope that this report will provide at least a small measure of guidance to those who have not yet ventured into Promyvion.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 01

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