Start NPC Naja Salaheem - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10) upstairs
Requirements Acquire 25 Mercenary Rank points as Corporal
Items Needed Sutlac
Title Granted Sergeant
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemS Wildcat Badge
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Promotion: Corporal Promotion: Sergeant Major


  • Talk to Naja Salaheem.
    • When given three options of where to start searching, choose the top option: "Balrahn Way."
  • Go to central area of Balrahn Way in Whitegate for a cutscene.
    • Choose the top option "Where have you been?". You will be directed to Nashmau.
  • Purchase a Sutlac from Yafaaf (J-12) in the Shararat Teahouse, then you have a few options for getting to Nashmau: ride the boat, take the Voidwatch teleport to Caedarva Mire to be right by the zone into the city, or use the Azouph Isle Staging Point Runic Portal to run there.
  • If you travel to Nashmau by boat, exit the dock area for a cutscene with Totoroon. Otherwise, walk to H-9 in Nashmau to receive the cutscene.
    • Choose the top option, "No, let's keep trying!"
    If you pick the bottom option by accident, you don't have to warp back to Whitegate to restart the event. Stay in Nashmau until next game day and return to the dock area, and you will have another chance to choose the top option.
    • Choose the top option, "Leave it to me!"
    Once again, if you accidentally pick the wrong answer, wait one game day and try again.
  • Trade Totoroon (G-8, by Home point crystal) the Sutlac and he will direct you to Caedarva Mire.
  • Take the east exit from Nashmau and investigate the ??? on the east coast of the pond. It's in shallow water by the shore at I-10 in Caedarva Mire, and there is no aggro on the way for a level 75 player.
The correct ??? is near the lily path to the island, not the one on the island. The correct ??? near the path to the island will give you a cutscene where the other will just say "it looks like someone slipped here..."

Game Description

Naja Salaheem (Salaheem's Sentinels, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
The perfumier Liliroon has come to Salaheem's Sentinels in search of help, believing it to be a famous detective agency. President Naja wants you to help collect her lucrative reward.
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