Start NPC Abquhbah - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10) upstairs
Requirements Acquire 25 Mercenary Rank points as Superior Private
Title Granted Lance Corporal
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemLC Wildcat Badge
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Promotion: Superior Private Promotion: Corporal


KeyItemEmpty test tube 1
KeyItemEmpty test tube 2
KeyItemEmpty test tube 3
KeyItemEmpty test tube 4
KeyItemEmpty test tube 5
KeyItemTest tube 1 (H-11) Wajaom Woodlands
KeyItemTest tube 2 (G-11) Wajaom Woodlands
There are aggressive monsters around the pond, as a Pephredo hive is very close to the pond.
KeyItemTest tube 3 (I-7) Wajaom Woodlands
KeyItemTest tube 4 (J-8) Wajaom Woodlands
KeyItemTest tube 5 (G-7) Bhaflau Thickets
  • Return to Nafiwaa for another cutscene.
  • The color of the liquid you mix for Nafiwaa depends on its concentration of Mythralline. You may receive an extra bonus from Naja when you receive your LC Wildcat Badge, depending on the Mythralline concentration of the liquid:
Silver: No reward
Mythril: No reward
Gold: No reward Exclamation
Platinum: 3-4 Imperial Mythril Pieces - 1 Imperial Gold Piece
Luminium: 2 Imperial Gold Pieces
Smoke: No reward (occurs when the Mythralline is too dense)
  • If you check the tubes, you will get the following information about their Mythralline concentration:
Tube 1: Very Light
Tube 2: Same as Tube 4
Tube 3: Very Dense
Tube 4: Reaction is 3 times faster than Tube 1
Tube 5: Density is equal to 1/2 that of the highest concentration.
  • One method to ensure Luminium:
    1. Select 'Start the Process'
    2. Select Test Tube 2 twice.
    3. Select Test Tube 3 twice.
    4. Select Test Tube 4 twice.
    5. Select 'Hand it to the Guild!'
  • Wait a game day
  • Zone out of Aht Urhgan Whitegate
  • Return to Abquhbah for another cutscene
  • Choose "Helping his fellow mercenaries." to receive your promotion.
If you meet the qualifications for a bonus reward but do not have enough space in your inventory for the coins, you must zone out, back in, and witness the final cutscene again.

Game Description

Naja Salaheem (Salaheem's Sentinels, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Falzum, your fellow mercenary, has been given the task of creating a batch of mythralline liquid. As his superior, it is your job to teach him how a mercenary carries out his duty.
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