«FFXI-Movie» 0360 - Promotion Corporal

«FFXI-Movie» 0360 - Promotion Corporal

Game Script

Promotion: Corporal (pt.1) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Naja Salaheem: Well, if it isn't Player name.

Too bad I'm busy right now.

Naja Salaheem: Can ya come back later?

Naja Salaheem: ...Hold it!

Naja Salaheem: Player name...

Naja Salaheem: Ah well, I might as well ask ya.

Naja Salaheem: Just let me finish skimming over this little note from the Imperial Army...

Naja Salaheem: Hmmm...interesting.

Naja Salaheem: It's about time those muscleheads started listening to Naja here!

Naja Salaheem: Heh heh heh... This news's got me purrring like a kitten.♪

Naja Salaheem: What're you lookin' at? Do I need a rrreason to be happy?

Naja Salaheem: Guess I might as well tell ya... Rrremember the "Dark Rider"?

Remember the Dark Rider?
Of course.
Wasn't that some kind of comic book?

Naja Salaheem: Now that's what I wanna hear. Ya mercenaries'd be nothin' without experrrience.

Naja Salaheem: Experience is what gives ya the wits to be able to stay outta the jaws of death.

Remember the Dark Rider?
Of course.
Wasn't that some kind of comic book?

Naja Salaheem: ...

Naja Salaheem: Do you ever listen to what people tell ya?

Naja Salaheem: Since I'm in a good mood, I'll explain once more, so clean out your ears and listen close!

Naja Salaheem: The Dark Rider is a fearful knight that's spoken of in legends 'rrround here. They say the underworld is his battleground, where he fights for all eternity.

Naja Salaheem: There even used to be nations that revered him as a god of war.

Naja Salaheem: Anyway, this notice here is about that Dark Rider.

Naja Salaheem: And here's what it says...

Naja Salaheem: "The Imperial Army has thoroughly examined the details regarding the reported hoofprint and confirmed Naja Salaheem's information to be correct. The Empire hereby officially acknowledges the existence of the Dark Rider."

Naja Salaheem: Soon everyone in Al Zahbi will know that I, Naja Salaheem, was right!

Naja Salaheem: The Imperial Army'll be forced to announce the imminent threat on our horizon!

Naja Salaheem: They'rrre all in a huff about this.

Naja Salaheem: And my mercenaries have kept their contract...

Naja Salaheem: Through wind and through rain!

Naja Salaheem: In sickness and in health!

Naja Salaheem: This is all thanks to you busting your guts to find out about that Dark Rider!

Naja Salaheem: I can see the fruits of your efforts rrright here in my paws... A fine contribution to the development of our little company.

Naja Salaheem: Still, that Dark Rider could pop up anytime, anywhere. It's gotta be creating a headache for the Imperial Army.

Naja Salaheem: They've tried sprrreading out to search for him, tried routing him, even set up a trap--but apparently he's been slipping away no matter what they do.

Naja Salaheem: You know what that means!

Naja Salaheem: Now it's our turn to show everyone what we've got.

Naja Salaheem: We can't let this Dark Knight rrrun free and threaten our Empire!

Naja Salaheem: Still, it's a waste of time and resources sending a whole army runnin' off on a single person's trail.

Naja Salaheem: That's where my merrrcenaries come in. I can move my people about freely, and nobody beats us at gathering information.

Naja Salaheem: But of course, the most valuable source of information is the Dark Rider himself...

Naja Salaheem: So let's get to work!

Naja Salaheem: Go put that wherever you find a Dark Rider hoofprint!

Player name obtains a quartz transmitter!

Naja Salaheem: The Dark Rider has been most frequently sighted in the Wajaom Woodlands, the Bhaflau Thickets, Mount Zhayolm, and Caedarva Mire.

Naja Salaheem: You should be able to find a hoofprint in one of those areas.

Naja Salaheem: Am I making myself clear? The point of this mission is to place a bell on the Dark Rider. Got it now?

Naja Salaheem: So ya wanna know what the quartz transmitter is for, do ya?

Naja Salaheem: You ask too many questions, kid. Curiosity killed the cat, rrright?

Naja Salaheem: This mission is a golden opportunity to rrraise this company's prestige, so don't let it get away.

Naja Salaheem: Not to mention that it's also a great way to show your dedication to your beloved employer. Couldn't ask for more, could ya?

Promotion: Corporal (pt.2) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Naja Salaheem: Well, well, well...

It looks like you've managed to pull off another job.

Naja Salaheem: I've been waitin' for ya.

Naja Salaheem: If the quartz transmitter just works properly, we're all done.

Naja Salaheem: Now time for my secrrret weapon.♪

Naja Salaheem: Beautiful, isn't she?

Naja Salaheem: This is called a "crystal compass." It picks up a certain signal and displays its whereabouts on a map. It was a little gift from the Imperial Army...

Naja Salaheem: The quartz transmitter I gave to you gives off the signal that this compass reacts to.

Naja Salaheem: So ya wanna know why I didn't tell ya that in the first place, do ya?

Naja Salaheem: ...Why the hell would you need to know, anyway?

Naja Salaheem: But seriously, the quartz transmitter is a rrreally valuable item.

Naja Salaheem: Not that I don't trrrust ya or anything, but if that thing ended up for sale at the auction house, Salaheem's Sentinels would become the laughing stock of Aht Urhgan!

Naja Salaheem: A-anyway... Let's just hit the switch now and see what this thing can do.

Naja Salaheem: Heh... I feel like a kid at a candy store...

Naja Salaheem:' Yow!

Naja Salaheem: That looks like...the Wajaom Woodlands!

Naja Salaheem: Perrrfect!

Naja Salaheem: It's picking up the signal from the quartz transmitter that you set, just like it's supposed to. Grrreat work! Mission complete!

Naja Salaheem: Using this, we can study the Dark Rider's movements and use the information to prrredict where and when he's gonna show up next.

Naja Salaheem: The Imperial Army might even be able to catch him now, thanks to this!

Naja Salaheem: Nah...that's asking way for too much from those numbskulls.

Naja Salaheem: Still... Funny, isn't it? A big, bad knight from the underworld...and we can keep tabs on him using a simple device.

Naja Salaheem: Not much different from a rrregular monster, is it?

Naja Salaheem: And who knows? Maybe he just came here because he wanted a change of scenery...

Naja Salaheem: When you think about it that way, the Dark Rider isn't scarrry enough to frighten a kitten.

Naja Salaheem: You've drrriven the darkness right out of my heart, Player name.♪

Naja Salaheem: I guess it's time...

Naja Salaheem: Abquhbah!

Abquhbah: Y-yes, ma'am!

Naja Salaheem: As a reward for successfully accomplishing this important mission and for his/her special contributions to the president, I hereby promote Player name to the position of Corporal!

Naja Salaheem: Congratulations!

Abquhbah: Congratulations, sir/ma'am!

Naja Salaheem: Now you know we're never gonna let you go...

Naja Salaheem: I look forward to seeing even more death-defying feats from you now, Corporal Player name.♪

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