Start NPC Task Delegator - Pioneers' Coalition Western Adoulin (E-8)
Requirements Coalition Rank 7: Magnate
Items Needed Several Pickaxes
Any 5 Mining items
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes
Reward 1 Imprimatur: 2,750 EXP + 2,750 Bayld
2 Imprimaturs: 4,950 EXP + 4,950 Bayld
3 Imprimaturs: 6,600 EXP + 6,600 Bayld
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None None


  • With the quest active, use a Pickaxe to excavate 5 items in Kamihr Drifts and then return to the Pioneers' Coalition, Western Adoulin (E-8).
    • Mining points only exist in caves.Verification Needed
    • The only known mining points are at:
      • G-9, south of Outer Ra'Kaznar,
      • G-9, west of Bivouac #1
      • H-8, west of Bivouac #3
      • H-6, north of Bivouac #3, on the way to Sajj'aka
      • F-6, west of Bivouac #4
    • Additionally mining point information is needed.

Game Description

Task Delegator
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