Axe weapon skill
Skill Level: N/A
Quest: Unlocking a Myth (Beastmaster)
Description: Deals light elemental damage. Damage varies with TP. Aymur: Aftermath effect varies with TP.
Equipment: Aligned with shadow equipment (Shadow Gorget & Shadow Belt).
Aligned with soil equipment (Soil Gorget & Soil Belt).
Aligned with aqua equipment (Aqua Gorget & Aqua Belt).


Element: Light
Modifiers: DEX:30%; CHR:60%
Damage Multipliers by TP:
1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
4.0 4.25 4.75

Skillchain Properties

Gravitation-IconGravitation (A)
Level 3 Skillchains
Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation Water-squareIce-square Distortion = Dark-squareEarth-squareWater-squareIce-square Darkness
Water-squareIce-square Distortion Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation = Dark-squareEarth-squareWater-squareIce-square Darkness
Level 2 Skillchains
Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation = Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation
Light-squareFire-square Fusion Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation = Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation
Level 1 Skillchains
Reverberation-IconReverberation (B)
Level 3 Skillchains
Level 2 Skillchains
Invisible-squareIce-square Induration Invisible-squareWater-square Reverberation = Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation
Level 1 Skillchains
Water-square Reverberation Lightning-square Impaction = Lightning-square Impaction
Light-square Transfixion Water-square Reverberation = Water-square Reverberation
Earth-square Scission Water-square Reverberation = Water-square Reverberation
Water-square Reverberation Ice-square Induration = Ice-square Induration


  • Magic Attack Bonus increases damage dealt. MAB+5 = +5% damage.
  • Maximum damage appears to be ~600-750 with no MAB, up to 1150 with both Moldy, Ulg. Pendant and subbing Mage Job with Mab and having +60 chr using Martial Axe. Exclamation
  • Lightsday affects damage. As does Korin Obi during lightsday.
  • Does not work with Sneak Attack.


FFXI Beastmaster Mythic weapon skill Primal Rend

FFXI Beastmaster Mythic weapon skill Primal Rend

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