Start NPC Zona Shodhun - Port Jeuno (E-8)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 1
Items Needed Yellow Rock
Repeatable No
Reward Exit to any zone within the city from Jeuno Rent-a-Room.
Exit to Mog Garden (if unlocked) from Jeuno Rent-a-Room.


  • Talk to Zona Shodhun. She's obsessed with flowers and will tell you about gardening. She doesn't ask for help but she collects colored rocks to decorate her garden.
    • (Optional) Trade a colored rock to her and she'll say how pretty and smooth it is, but what she really wants is a Yellow Rock.
  • Trade a yellow rock to her for your reward.

Note: This quest will not appear in the quests log.
As of a past version update, it is now possible to view this quest in the quest log when you talk to the Mithra cub.

Game Description

Zona Shodhun (Residential Gate, Port Jeuno)
Zona likes pretty flowers and pebbles. Find some for her.