Mission Name Pretender to the Throne
Number 2-8-3
Title Granted Banisher of the Profane
Items Needed KeyItemMost curious curio
Reward Cipher: Balamor
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Eddies of Despair (Chapter 2) Banished


  • Select the ??? at Eschan Portal #15 to fight Balamor. Spawning him replaces your KeyItemMost curious curio with an ineffective KeyItemMost confounding curio.
    • The fight is NOT a battlefield fight, but occurs immediately after clicking the ???. You need to call your Trusts before clicking the ???.
    • Uses powerful AoE attacks and inflicts a strong Bio status.
    • Can be soloed with five Trusts. Not too difficult for high item level players, but not a total pushover, either. Use a healer and a strong melee to tank, at least.
    • If you fail to defeat Balamor, zone back into Escha - Ru'Aun to reconvert KeyItemMost confounding curio back into KeyItemMost curious curio and try again.
    • There may be a glitch where if someone defeats Balamor, other people can join the party after the fight, click the ???, and still get the next cutscene and credit for the win, without fighting.
  • After the fight, select the ??? again for a cutscene with Balamor and Selh'teus that awards a Cipher: Balamor.
    • Optionally, after the cutscene, select the ??? near Eschan Portal #15 to find another clump of TemporaryEschan Droplets, which can be used to to get from Portal #15 back to Portal #1.
      • You do NOT need to do the fight to gain access to Eschan Portal #15 and to Eschan Portal #1 from #15. All you need to do is find the ???, click on it, and proceed to Eschan Portal #1 without starting the fight.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The dark jester Balamor was working to drain the crystals of power in an attempt to fashion a new world in his image. Fight Balamor to draw his attention away from Selh'teus while the Kuluu attempts to seal the vortex.