«FFXI-Movie» 0085 San 7-1 - Prestige of the Papsque

«FFXI-Movie» 0085 San 7-1 - Prestige of the Papsque


Prestige of the Papsque - Northern San d'Oria
Shamonde: Ah, Player Name. You have come. The royal family requests your assistance.

Shamonde: I can assume you have heard of the late King Ranperre's Lightbringer. If that sword were to fall into Orcish hands, San d'Oria would have her back against the wall.

Shamonde: This situation must be prevented at any cost.

Pieuje: We have Temple Knights participating in the search efforts, but there is an obvious lack of manpower.

Shamonde: Our scholars have been combing through the ancient San d'Orian text you retrieved, searching for any new clues.

Pieuje: I am confident they will find something.

Shamonde: If only the cathedral's library had survived the fires of the Great War, we would not be so behind in our research on Lightbringer.

Morjean: Your Holiness!

Morjean: I apologize. You have a visitor...

Shamonde: Mind you not. What is it, Morjean?

Morjean: Yes, Your Holiness. During the search of the library, we came across an ancient parchment hidden inside another book. Until now, we had passed it off as a poem written by someone long ago.

Morjean: However, after deciphering it, we realized it was a message reporting something hidden deep within the Bostaunieux Oubliette during the Great War.

Pieuje: What? Could it be the holy sword, Lightbringer?

Morjean: We were unable to tell from the content of the parchment, but the fact remains that this item was hidden for a reason.

Shamonde: Thank you for the update. You may leave now.

Pieuje: We must report these new findings to the king immediately. This may shed some light of the whereabouts of Lightbringer.

Shamonde: Prince Pieuje, what if we were to send Player Name to investigate?

Shamonde: Player Name was the first to find the true resting place of King Ranperre, and has the trust of King Destin. I feel a preliminary search of the area is necessary before a full-scale survey is carried out.

Shamonde: Prince Pieuje! You must act before Prince Trion. Have you already forgotten the incident at King Ranperre's Tomb?

Pieuje: I understand your words, Your Holiness, but I feel it is my duty to first report these new findings to my father.

Pieuje: Your Holiness.

Shamonde: Player Name, will you journey into the Bostaunieux Oubliette and investigate the findings?

Shamonde: On the outside, the prince may deny it, but on the inside, he is counting on your success in this mission.

Prestige of the Papsque - Northern San d'Oria
Shamonde: I see... So you did not find Lightbringer. But what you have found is truly a possession of the lost Dragon King.

Pieuje: Your Holiness, the Royal Knights sent to investigate the Bostaunieux Oubliette have returned. Their search turned up nothing.

Pieuje: What is that!?

Shamonde: Prince Pieuje, Player Name retrieved this stone tablet from deep within the oubliette.

Pieuje: When the great King Ranperre brought the chaos in San d'Oria under control, it is said that his admonition was carved in stone.

Shamonde: This may be that very tablet, my prince.

Shamonde: I was correct in assuming that the Royal Knights would not be suited for a task such as this--one that requires perseverance.

Pieuje: However, we cannot be sure that this tablet is King Ranperre's...

Shamonde: Absolutely. There is still much deciphering that must be carried out by our scholars. It will require much more time.

Shamonde: However, I promise you that I will make this task our top priority.

Shamonde: As for the report on our finding of the tablet, I shall take the matter up with the king myself.

Shamonde: And as for you, Player name. Once the deciphering has been completed, we may have another task for you.

Shamonde: Good day.

Pieuje: You say you were under orders from the papsque? I am sorry for all the trouble he may have caused you.

Pieuje: When it comes to the subject of Lightbringer, the papsque becomes a different man...

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