Mission Name Prelude to a Storm
Number 31
Items Needed Key ItemMagelight Signal Flare
Reward Elixir, Vile Elixir, or Vile Elixir +1
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The Battle of Xarcabard Storm's Crescendo
Replay Cutscenes
Prelude to a Storm (Pt.2-3) Goblin Footprint Xarcabard (S) (K-9)

Storm's Crescendo (Pt.1) Goblin Footprint Xarcabard (S) (K-9)

Xarcabard (S)


  • Check the Rally Point:Green at (G-9) of Xarcabard (S) for a cutscene to receive a Key ItemMagelight Signal Flare.
  • Check the Spell-Worked Snow to the southeast to enter the battlefield.


  • Talk to Pesoso to start the fight.
  • You will be fighting roughly a hundred Yagudos, Quadavs, Orcs and Demons, of several jobs.
    • Yagudo, Quadav, and Orcs have very low HP and do not deal very much damage with spells or physical attacks.
    • Yagudo, Quadav, and Orcs take extra damage from magic spells.
    • Demons appear in the third room. The Demons have much higher HP and higher physical damage than the other monsters. They tend to drop Revitalizers.
    • Beastmen aggro and link with their own family. For example, Orcs link with other Orcs, but not with Yagudo, Quadav, or Demons.
  • The fight is divided into 3 areas. When the last enemy in the first and second area reaches 1% HP, it will run away at increased movement speed and open the path to the next area.
  • Monsters that spawn in the second and third areas will slowly advance towards the first if you do not aggro them. It is recommended to linger near the entrance to avoid enemies spawning behind you.
  • After defeating all enemies in the third room, talk to Pesoso again to exit.
  • After the fight you will receive a cutscene and an Elixir, Vile Elixir or Vile Elixir +1.

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  • If you currently own a RareVile Elixir or RareVile Elixir +1, you may or may not receive a reward for this mission. You can continue the mission line as normal and pick up the reward from Rally Point: Green whenever you want without a cutscene.
  • Key ItemMagelight Signal Flare is lost upon entry, and if you fail will have to obtain another one, which can only be obtained once each Vana'diel day.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Operation Snowstorm has commenced! Sir Ragelise has given you the orders to deliver word to the other two nations' encampments; first Windurst, followed by Bastok.