Mission Name Predators and Prey
Number 2-7
Start NPC Ploh Trishbahk, Eastern Adoulin (K-9)
Repeatable No
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Arciela's Promise Behind the Sluices
Replay Cutscenes
Predators and Prey Maudilyonne Eastern Adoulin (G-6)


  • Return to and click on the Sluice Gate (C-6) again in Rala Waterways for a cutscene.
    • Most easily accessed via Western Adoulin F-5 i.e. the northern entrance (Closest waypoint is Adoulin Waterfront).
    • Or, if you accessed the Augural Conveyor in Rala Waterways (B-6) in past mission, you can use it instead. While the distance is about the same, it will save you a zoning, at cost of the Kinetic Units though.
      • By doing this, you can also check the glowing blue point to complete the RoV Mission What He Left Behind if you are at that point already. Plus, the extra trust is another alternative to the upcoming fight.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The attempt on Ygnas's life ended without any casualties, but the offenders have escaped! They did, however, leave behind a clue. Use it to pursue and bring the hammer of justice down upon them!