Pouch of Weighted Stones.png

Pouch of weighted stones
Resting in perfect balance on any surface, these round stones appear to have come from the Garlaige Citadel.
Examine a ??? at (G-8) on Map 1 of Garlaige Citadel. Go down the stairs, go straight at the 4-way intersection, and enter the first room on the right (with bats and skeletons). The ??? will be to the left, on a small rock near the door to the next room.
Allows a player to open Banishing Gates in Garlaige Citadel simply by clicking the gate itself. With this item, it is not necessary for 4 players to stand on the weight switches (presumably stones from the pouch are placed on each), or to use the Sauromugue Champaign (S) maw, or to use Lycopodium (NPC)'s flower teleport to circumvent the gates.