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Port Windurst is known as the 'Port District', and with good reason! Several of the other cities have ports, but none have the waterfront coverage that is enjoyed by this area of Windurst! Housing the usual Air Travel Agency is a beginning, but this area goes on to include the Fishermens' Guild, the Bastokan Conulate, the Orastery, the usual warehouses, and even several shops located on moored barges!

As with most of Windurst, the port is a vast area, ill-fitted for short legs! Far more than meets the eye, there are tucked away places in Port that are of especial interest! From an Architectural point of view, most of the buildings are wooden, and built on stilts which reflects the jungle influence of the mithran tribes. There are a few stone buildings also, including the Air Travel Agency and the Orastery. This last is of particular interest due to it's unique layout and waterfront coverage. It has a section of the water walled off, presumably as a fall-out area for the magic under constant trials there.

Port Windurst

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