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Our tour begins in the busy Port of Bastok. This area is mainly residential, with some commerce. Spacious houses are set back from the busy port, each offering ample views across the inlet around which the port is built. Of special note are the following:


The magnificent drawbridge, leading to the residential area, which opens to allow passage of the ships and airships which frequent the port. This hydraulic marvel is one of the few moving pieces of architecture in Vana'diel - literally!

Beligen Square Fountain

The fountain located in Beligen square, just inside the North Gate, is a tribute to the designers and architects in it's simplicity.

Cargo Crane

The cargo cranes at the southern end of the port, capable of lifting the incoming food and supplies from ships, or loading them with the precious ores destined for distant lands.

Ore stockyards and Warehouses

The impressive promenade of Harbor Way divides the dock front from the ore stock yards, while the western end of the stockyards accommodates the warehouses which store the incoming goods.

Street Vendors Shops

Commercially, there are several types of shop available, ranging from the canvas-covered merchants who provide commerce and goods from far flung regions ...

Established Vendors Shops

to the long established stone built structures. Examples of the latter include both Galvin's Travel Gear, the Steaming Sheep Tavern and the Air Travel Agency which provides services for those with the necessary Airship pass.

At the western end of the Port is the Rye Bridge. This pedestrian footway faithfully copies the hewn-stone construction so common through the entire city, whilst retaining a character all of it's own.

Places of Interest in Port Bastok

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