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Popularity Contest
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As a follow-up to our survey about heads of state, we asked adventurers in San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, Jeuno, and Kazham about their dealings with some of the residents of the three nations. Who was most popular? Read on for the top five from each city.

==The Kingdom of San d'Oria==
While King Destin is not so well known enough to rank in this poll, the following five San d'Orians are recognized wherever they go.

  1. Prince Trion
  2. Rochefogne
  3. Erpalacion
  4. Taumila
  5. Gallijaux & Joulet

We asked people why they liked Trion so much. Here's what they had to say:

“When I saw what he was actually capable of...” mused Seli (Phoenix), a Mithra.

“He has such a way with words...” said a male Hume named Hyui (Phoenix).

One notable point is that nobody expressed amicable feelings for Prince Trion's younger brother, Prince Pieuje's Perhaps this is due to Prince Pieuje's aloof manner, which limits his interaction with adventurers.

Shinya (Phoenix), a Hume male, said that Rochefogne, who tied for the #2 spot, “carries such a heavy burden; he's just so...dapper!”

The secret of his popularity is most likely a combination of his shadowy past and mysterious lifestyle.

Popularity Contest1

Also tied for second place was Taumila, owner of Taumila's Sundries in Southern San d'Oria. Her welcoming demeanor and prompt service have left her with many a happy customer.

“Really? I have second place--higher than Queen Claidie? I'm so happy. I never thought I'd live to see the day,” she said, beaming, when we told her the news.

Coming in after Taumila were the brothers Gallijaux and Joulet, both fishermen. Come rain or shine, they can be found casting their lines in Port San d'Oria. They're not just competing over the number of fish they have, but also the number of adventurers helping them. But this survey wasn't a competition for them--people voted for the two of them as a pair.

Looking over the results, we noticed that most of the votes cast for San d'Orians were submitted by San d'Orians. This indicates that while these people often alienate citizens of other nations, they are respected and adored by their fellow countrymen.

==The Republic of Bastok==
Several issues ago we reported that almost nobody could tell us that Karst was the President of Bastok. So who are adventurers familiar with? The answers are below.

  1. Azima
  2. Zeid
  3. Naji
  4. Iron Eater
  5. Oggbi

"Huh? Don't try putting one over on an old woman. I may be old, but I've managed to save up a lot of gil, so I don't need anyone's charity. Don't ask me where I got my money. I ain't telling,” said Azima, who ranked in first place.

Her position at the Alchemists' Guild does put her in close contact with adventurers, but who would have guessed that she'd rank so highly in our poll? She doesn't hold national office, and she has never fought alongside adventurers in battle. Her popularity is based on her personality and words, which seem to have aroused people's curiosity.

The Mythril Musketeers also displayed broad popularity in this survey.

“Zeid is soooo cool. I really like his dark side...” gushed Schumi (Quetzalcoatl), a male Tarutaru.

“Naji is so honest. I bet he couldn't lie even if he tried,” enthused a Hume woman named Izumo (Phoenix).

"I'm a spitting image of Iron Eater. And the man just has presence,” explained a Galka named Goliath (Quetzalcoatl).

It is also worth noting that Mythril Musketeer Ayame and Chief Engineer Cid were runners-up.

==The Federation of Windurst==
Windurst's Star Sibyl was the only national leader to garner much recognition among the general populace. How did other Windurstians fare with adventurers?

  1. Professor Shantotto
  2. Minister Ajido-Marujido
  3. Kupipi
  4. Nanaa Mihgo
  5. Professor Koru-Moru

Due, perhaps, to the easygoing nature of the Tarutaru and the Mithra, Windurst's most popular residents received many votes from citizens of all three nations.

The most popular people were the current and past Ministers of the Orastery.

“There is something about Professor Shantotto's arrogance that appeals to me,” said an Elvaan man named Rail (Phoenix).

“When I heard Minister Ajido's words that time, I couldn't help falling for him,” said Alliomohla (Phoenix), an Elvaan woman.

Minister Ajido-Marujido is quite popular, but Professor Shantotto received more votes than any other person in the three nations.

At the same time, Professor Shantotto has her detractors. There are accusations that her strange mannerisms are simply a way to garner attention. Another adventurer was more direct: "I can't believe she'd send others to do such awful work.” There was certainly no shortage of those who disliked Shantotto for both her words and her requests.

Kupipi ranked third. Her job in Heavens Tower makes her well known among adventurers.

"She's just so cute!” said a Mithra named Lyneia (Phoenix).

“If there were Tarutaru pop stars, she'd be the biggest!” gushed Medius (Quetzalcoatl), a Tarutaru male.

Popularity Contest2

Kupipi seems to curry favor with adventurers due to her active role in their lives. Adventurers frequently speak with Kupipi during the course of their missions.

When we informed her of her ranking, Kupipi was horrified. “Third pla~ce?” she exclaimed. “It must be because Kupipi is always asking for souvenirs. Oh, wait... I thought this was a survey of the most ha~ted people. I mean, just look at who's in first and second place...!”

And those are the results of our survey of the most liked residents of Vana'diel.

As you can see, the real standouts were Taumila, Azima, Gallijaux and Joulet, and Kupipi--workaday citizens all.

Everyday people get used to seeing adventurers and soon learn to trust them--and in return, adventurers have begun to see the value of getting to know those around them.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 24

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