Start NPC Fritha - Foret de Hennetiel (J-7)
Requirements Key ItemAdoulinian charter permit
Items Needed Key ItemVial of toxic Zoldeff water
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 2000 exp
200 Bayld


  • Talk to Fritha at the Frontier Station (J-7); she will ask you to check water in the Zoldeff River. Go to (J-9) North side to find the "River Mouth". Head South past / through the Lair Reive. Examine it to spawn the NM Cunning Craklaw.
  • Kill it and then check the "River Mouth" again to obtain a Key ItemVial of toxic Zoldeff water.
  • Return to Fritha for your reward.

Game Description

Fritha (Frontier Station, Foret de Hennetiel)
Researching the properties of the Zoldeff River may lead to insights that aid the colonization initiative. Collect some water from the mouth of the river and bring it back to Fritha.