Fanfest2008 15

Tarutaru gentleman in Platino attire

Another armor set designed entirely for show but for males only. This elegant white suit is meant for any and all handsome husbands. All bonuses provided by this set will cause females across Vana'diel to gaze upon the gentlemen. This is the High-Quality version of the Argent Attire Set.

Number of Pieces: 2   Cost to store: Cannot be stored!

Level Armor Piece
40 Platino Coat

[Body] All
Cannot Equip Handgear DEF: 5
CHR +3
Lv. 40 All Jobs

40 Platino Hose

[Legs] All
Cannot Equip Footgear DEF: 4
CHR +2
Lv. 40 All Jobs

Set Summary

  • Defense +9
  • Cannot Equip Handgear
  • Cannot Equip Footgear
  • CHR +5

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