Mission Name Pillar of Hope
Number 43
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Forget Me Not Glimmer of Life


  • After exiting the maw, head to Grauberg (S).
    • You can use your Lightsworm at any of the glowing ??? near the Maw you used in the previous mission to be teleported to Walk of Echoes. Use the Verdical conflux behind you to warp to Witchfire Glen in Grauberg (S), putting you directly where you need to be.
  • Head to the Veridical Conflux at (F-5), unequip your weapons and check it for a cutscene.
    • If you checked the Conflux the first time with a weapon equipped, unequip your weapons and check it again for the correct cutscene.
    • Geomancer may need to remove Main/Shield/Ranged in order to trigger the correct cutscene.
    • The next mission requires a wait of one in-game midnight to pass. Since the mission following the next requires a Punch Bug, consider using the remainder of the in-game day to farm the Punch Bug if you don't already have one.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Having absorbed Lilisette's memories, Atomos unleashed a blinding pillar of light in the direction of Grauberg. Head there without delay and ascertain the nature of this phenomenon.
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