A physical attack is one that involves dealing damage to a target in any number of ways that do not involve "magic". Examples of physical attacks are: Auto attacking a mob with your weapon, using skills such as Jump, Blue Magic such as Head Butt, etc.

These differ from magic in a variety of ways:

  • Firstly every physical attack falls into one of the 3 categories of Blunt, Piercing, and Slashing. This type can be determined, by either the weapon, or the spell used. Most monsters encountered in the game, have a weakness to at least one of these damage types. For example, Blunt attacks, are weak against Amorphs, but strong against Skeleton types
  • Thirdly Physical Attacks, can be entirely mitigated by Evasion or Parrying Skill, and reduced by Blocking with a Shield, Guarding, or certain spells such as Phalanx

All Physical Attacks have the ability to deal extra damage as a Critical Hit, the chance of which is modified by Dexterity (see Critical Hit Rate)