Adds a Regen effect.


  • Family: Mandragora, Sabotender
  • Type: Enhancing
  • Can be dispelled: Yes
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: N/A
  • Range: Self
  • Notes: Only available during daytime.
    • Approximately 12hp/tic (Similar to Regen II)- Tested on a Cactuar in West Altepa Desert at 56BLU while trying to learn 1000 Needles. 183 Damage regened after 15 tics. I was able to tell from looking at the space on the life meter of the mob versus counting how much time passed and using Bludgeon and noticing the meter went down to just about near where I started counting. Feel free to offer additional input. -Gakusha no Hikari(Kageshinhiryu/Gilgamesh)
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