Misc Status Effects.png Phalanx is a beneficial status effect that turns away the brunt of attacks directed at the player until it wears off or is removed. Benefitting characters will have damage directed at them reduced by a specific amount every time they are damaged. It functions against any type of direct damaging attack, physical or magical, or even special attacks that are designed to inflict a specific amount of damage, such as 1000 Needles. The amount of damage reduced is based on Enhancing Magic skill of the caster, or based on MND stat for activation of items giving this effect.

The amount of damage reduced from each attack is a flat, constant number (exact amount depending on the source and strength of the effect) and not based on percentage. Each attack in a multiple-part attack such as weapon skill can be reduced seperately. It is capable of reducing the damage of attacks to zero.

Phalanx does not protect against Damage Over Time status effects, such as poison.

How to remove the effect

  • This effect can be dispelled.
  • This effect can be removed manually.

How the effect is gained


Blood Pacts


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