Petrifying Attack
Description: Adds petrifying effects to regular attacks. Cannot be combined with any other elemental additions.
Feral Points: 58

Obtainable From

Name Family Zone Level
Qn'zdei Zdei Garden of Ru'Hmet Unknown
Sand Lizard Lizard Quicksand Caves 56-59
Lizard Kuftal Tunnel 61-64
Lizard Cape Teriggan 61-64
Lizard Attohwa Chasm 65-68
Lizard Nyzul Isle Unknown
Lizard Silver Sea Remnants Unknown
Tavnazian Ram Ram Lufaise Meadows 81-83
Zizzy Zillah (NM) Cockatrice Mamook Unknown


  • Has an estimaed ~10-12% activation rate (see discussion for details)