Reduces damage taken and greatly increases resistance to most status effects for players within area of effect.


Avatar: Alexander (Light)

Cost: Upon use it consumes 100% of your MP.

Level: 75


Effect Duration: 30 seconds to 60 seconds

As of the March 27, 2013 update, duration is dependent on Summoning Magic Skill.

Duration= 30 seconds + (Summoning magic skill ÷ 20)
Minimum duration: 30 seconds with 0-19 summoning magic skill
Maximum duration: 60 seconds with 600+ summoning magic skill

Battle Application: Party buff

Damage Type: N/A

Additional Notes: Potency of effect is based on remaining MP at time of casting.

Reduces Damage Taken by 95%. The damage reduction starts to decays slowly at the half of the duration.

Confirmed to greatly increase resistances to less common statuses such as Charm, Stun, Flash, Petrification, Curse, Amnesia, and Curse (Special), but doesn't seem to protect against Terror, Doom, Encumberance, or Death. Frog Chorus from Poroggo Madame was fully resisted with it.

This effect can not be dispelled or absorbed.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Astral Flow" <me>
  • /ma "Alexander" <me>

Alexander can only be used if Astral Flow is active.

Enemy Version

  • Family: Alexander
  • Type: Enhancing
  • Can be dispelled: No
  • Range: Self
  • Notes:
    • Grants immunity to either physical, magical, or ranged damage.
    • Randomly switches immunities starting at 10% health. Accompanied by the text:
Cease thy struggles...
I am immutable...indestructible...impervious...immortal...