Besieged (Status Effect) Pennant is a status effect obtained in certain Abyssea areas from a Bastion Prefect. It is only available during an active Bastion event and is lost if you change zones.

With a "Pennant" issued to you by an area's Bastion Prefect, you are able to participate in Bastion and suffer no Experience Points penalty for KO. However, with a Pennant status you are unable to receive or complete quests offered in the Abyssea area in question, including Resistance Ops quests with the Resistance Sapper.

Bastion NMs only attack players who have a Pennant; they cannot attack you (and cannot be attacked themselves) if you do not have a Pennant.


  • You can engage and be attacked by Bastion NMs.
  • You cannot engage in battle with non-Bastion foes.
    • Similarly, non-Bastion foes cannot attack you.
  • You cannot have healing or enhancing magic cast upon you by characters not issued with Pennant.
  • You cannot receive or complete quests.
  • You are not subject to an experience penalty if incapacitated.
  • The Pennant status does not prevent you from being ejected from Abyssea should your Visitant status wear off.

How to remove the effect

  • The effect automatically wears off when the Bastion battle ends
  • Speak with the Bastion Prefect for the option to return the pennant
  • Change zones, log out, or disconnect
  • Tractor

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