«FFXI-Movie» 0082 RDM 3 - Peace for the Spirit

«FFXI-Movie» 0082 RDM 3 - Peace for the Spirit

Game Script

Peace for the Spirit - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Peace for the Spirit - Southern San d'Oria
Valderotaux: Well, it seems you faced great danger there. But you found new trappings for battle, so all is well. Isn't it, Sharzalion?

Valderotaux: What's the matter? It's not like you at all.

Sharzalion: So, the rumor was true...

Valderotaux: Rumor?

Sharzalion: Yes, about Rainemard's death. Some say he was killed because he knew too much.

Valderotaux: Too much about what?

Sharzalion: I do not know. Surely it would behoove us to delve no further. For my part, I shall pretend I haven't heard what was spoken here today.

Valderotaux: You're never this timid.

Sharzalion: Discretion, my friend, is the better part of valor.

Valderotaux: Say... I know a way to talk to the dead. What do you say?

Sharzalion: Valdero, no!

Valderotaux: In Fei'Yin there is an old fountain run dry. They say that you can call a spirit of the dead by simply casting an Antique Coin into it. At any rate, that place is a decrepit ruin, so there's no end to the hogwash rumors.

Sharzalion: Don't believe a word of it, my friend.

Peace for the Spirit - Fei'Yin
Rainemard: Dark... So dark...

I can't...move... me from this place...
Free me from this darkness...

Rainemard: I still have something I need to tell her...

Peace for the Spirit - Southern San d'Oria - Dialogue


Peace for the Spirit - Garlaige Citadel
Rainemard stands up from the box you opened.

Rainemard: Who are you? I am sorry. Someone killed me and hid my remains here...

Rainemard: For so long, I have begged for someone to come release my trapped soul. But none heard my pleas...

Rainemard begins to walk away.

Rainemard: Now I am free! You have my thanks, but I have no time. I must go now.

Peace for the Spirit - Northern San d'Oria
People running from the cathedral.

Maurine: A ghost of a red mage is in the church!

Rainemard comes out after them and casts a spell knocking him unconscious. He collapses on the steps. Knights run up, led by Trion and Curilla.

Ferdechoid: The enemy is here! Knights, to arms!

Curilla: (runs forward) Father!

Trion: Wait, Curilla! Be not deceived! That is no father of yours!

Trion: Curilla!?

Curilla stands between Rainemard and the knights and puts her hand on her sword.

Trion: Stop, Curilla!

Ferdechiond: Prince Trion!

Trion: Knights, stand down!

Trion: Curilla, drop your sword.

Curilla: I will not be defeated...

Curilla draws her sword and swings at Trion. He puts his hands up to protect himself.

Trion: Argh!

Curilla drops her sword and collapses.

Trion: Curilla!

Curilla: But I am not afraid of defeat.

Rainemard turns into a axe wielding Shadow! It raises its axe to kill Curilla from behind.

Trion: Look out!

The real Rainemard defeats the Shadow!

???: Ulp!

Rainemard: By a hair's breadth I made it in time.
Curilla, forgive me for exposing you to this danger.

Curilla: Father...

Rainemard: A true warrior does not shrink from defeat. My only regret was not teaching that to you.

Rainemard: But it seems that you have already learned, Curilla. My how you have grown!

Rainemard turns to Trion.

Rainemard: Watch over her, Prince.

Trion: You have my word.

Rainemard turns to you.

Rainemard: Long have I troubled you. When I appeared here, a minion of the dark followed me.
For that I am sorry.

Rainemard: This will not fully expiate my sins, but perhaps you may find some use for it. Please accept it.

Rainemard: And keep a watchful eye on this church. It is a pity I can say nothing more.

He turns back to Curilla.

Rainemard: Curilla, I am relieved to see you standing tall. Though we shall never meet again, I want you to remember...

Rainemard: You will always be my daughter. And I will always watch over you.

Rainemard: I should return this watch. Carry it in memory of me.

Rainemard: Now I must go... Farewell, my daughter!

He walks up the steps of the cathedral.

Curilla: Father!

Rainemard turns around and looks at her, before continuing and fading away.

Curilla: I'll always be your daughter.

Camera moves up showing Shamonde watching from his balcony. He turns around and walks back inside.

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