Start NPC Task Delegator - Peacekeepers' Coalition Eastern Adoulin (F-7)
Requirements Coalition Rank 5: Partner
1-3 Imprimaturs
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes
Reward 1 Imprimatur: 5,000 EXP + 5,000 Bayld
2 Imprimaturs: 9,000 EXP + 9,000 Bayld
3 Imprimaturs: 12,000 EXP + 12,000 Bayld
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None None


  • Defeat a total of three Unyielding Tarichuks in Dho Gates.
    • Killing multiple targets with an AoE attack only counts as one kill.
    • The targets are very high level (114+), have very high attack (they tear through Dashavatara Sachet avatars), link, and appear in groups of two.
    • The nearby Scalable Areas can be used to deaggro them if needed. Beware of despawning/causing them to regen using this method.
    • You do not have to be in EXP range to get credit for your party or alliance's kills.
  • Report back to the Task Delegator for your reward.

Game Description

Task Delegator
Information Needed