Start NPC Task Delegator - Peacekeepers' Coalition Eastern Adoulin (F-7)
Requirements Coalition Rank 5: Partner
1-3 Imprimaturs
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes
Reward 1 Imprimatur: ? EXP + ? Bayld
2 Imprimaturs: ? EXP + ? Bayld
3 Imprimaturs: 10,200 EXP + 10,200 Bayld
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None None


  • Defeat a total of three Unyielding Tarichuks in Dho Gates.
    • Killing multiple targets with an AoE attack only counts as one kill.
    • The targets are very high level (114+), have very high attack (they tear through Dashavatara Sachet avatars), link, and appear in groups of two.
    • The nearby Scalable Areas can be used to deaggro them if needed. Beware of despawning/causing them to regen using this method.
    • You do not have to be in EXP range to get credit for your party or alliance's kills.
  • Report back to the Task Delegator for your reward.

Game Description

Task Delegator
Head to Dho Gates and vanquish monsters there. Defeat three efts and return to the Peacekeepers' Coalition to complete this assignment.