«FFXI-Movie» 0153 BRD 3 - Path of the Bard

«FFXI-Movie» 0153 BRD 3 - Path of the Bard

Game Script

Path of the Bard (pt. 1) - Lower Jeuno
Bki Tbujhja: Oh, you've been to Buburimu? They say couples descend on the place at nightfall. How do they dodge the monsterrrs?

Bki Tbujhja: And you know what? There's another set of rrrunes in Valkurm... with the opposing set of lyrics! It's a fabulous spot for a date; take it from me.

Bki Tbujhja: When you rrread the lyrics on Buburimu after you've seen the ones on Valkurm, it brings the tears all over again. Oh, sad songs are so moving!

Path of the Bard - Valkurm Dunes
Mertaire: So this is the other one!

Mertaire: I wanted to know more about the story I heard in the tavern, so I came out here searching. I have a feeling I know who he is.

Lewenhart: I was waiting, Mertaire, for you to find this place.

Mertaire: Why, hello! You're Master Lewenhart, aren't you. You're practically a legend among us bards!

Lewenhart Now, now. Lets not get carried away. I am just another minstrel, like any other.

Mertaire: Master Lewenhart, I first heard your music on the street when I was a lad mired in poverty. I hadn't dreamt that anything could move me so! That moment I vowed to become a bard.

Mertaire: But, alas! Look at me! My voice is shrill and my lyrics lack emotion. I am but a worm in your shadow!

Lewenhart: Hmph. You hold me in too high regard. I have such days, too.

Mertaire: Even you, Master Lewenhart?

Lewenhart: Of course, my friend. Often I ask the stars above for whom and for what purpose I sing. But ever they are silent.

Lewenhart: But in such times I find myself standing before this stone. In my heart I try to sing of their feelings as they did.

Lewenhart: Then I remember how such is all that is needed from us bards.

Lewenhart: Both felt so dearly of the other that they tried to convey their love through the breeze and over the waves of the ocean.

Lewenhart: Can you not feel the yearning in your heart? Before you can move the hearts of others, first you must believe in yourself.

Lewenhart: Music comes from within. That truth we must never forget.

Lewenhart: You must have endured a terrible ordeal, my friend. Know your feelings, and be honest with yourself about them. I belive that from such synergy beautiful music will flow.

Mertaire: So I must be honest with myself?

Lewenhart: That is right. I know we will meet again someday. When that time comes, will you play for me?

Mertaire: Yes, of course!

Lewenhart: Thanks for all you've done. Now you know upon what path a bard walks. You are always welcome to join us in harmony!

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