Start NPC Mertaire - Lower Jeuno (I-8)
Requirements Level 30+
Title Granted Wandering Minstrel
Repeatable No
Reward Unlocks the Bard job
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A Minstrel in Despair Painful Memory


This quest is hidden, and does not appear in your quest log until completed.
You should have already completed The Old Monument & A Minstrel in Despair
  • Talk to Bki Tbujhja in Lower Jeuno again. She mentions another set of Song Runes in Valkurm Dunes.
  • Head to the secret beach at the far west of Valkurm Dunes (C-6).
  • On the hidden beach, head southeast to the bottom right of (B-7).
  • Click on the Song Rune for another cutscene to complete the quest.
    • (A little tip: On this one, do not buy a parchment for the runes; that's only for the quest before this one. After the cutscene for the Valkurm Dunes runes, you have completed the quest).

Game Description

Lewenhart (Song Runes, Valkurm Dunes)
You have taken the first step. The path of the bard lies before you.