Start NPC Luto Mewrilah - Upper Jeuno (G-8)
Items Needed Bison Steak
San d'Orian Tea
Icecap Rolanberry
White Bread
Whitefish Stew
Windurst Salad
Repeatable No
Reward Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow.
(Increases max Adventuring Fellow Bond from 30 to 50).
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Mirror, Mirror Blighted Gloom


  • Zone after the previous quest, then talk to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno (G-8) for a cutscene that starts the quest.
    • If you get a cutscene regarding Fellow Points, talk to Luto again.
  • Head to the Optistery in Windurst Waters North and talk to Tosuka-Porika (G-8) for a cutscene.
  • Obtain six food items: Bison Steak, San d'Orian Tea, Icecap Rolanberry, White Bread, Whitefish Stew, and Windurst Salad.
    • Except for the Bison Steak, all of them are sold by merchants, depending on the national Conquest Ranking.
    • All items can be purchased from AH under food.
    • Take note that you may end up spending around 20-35k gil. The most expensive item, Whitefish Stew, can cost 9k if Windurst is in last place! Sometimes NPC prices are cheaper, sometimes more expensive, than AH. Bison Steak may be somewhat difficult to obtain if it's a rarely-sold item on your server's AH and you don't have enough skill in cooking to make it yourself.
    • All of these items can be crafted for around 9k assuming you or a friend has cooking at a high-enough level.
    • If crafted, the items must match requested items. HQ versions will not work.
    • Glyke (Upper Jeuno Merchant located behind the Marble Bridge Door) sells White Bread and Windurst Salad cheaply. You can target her from outside and still buy these items. The appropriate camera angle and positioning of your character is required to target her from outside. Simply rotate your camera and mash ENTER or whatever you use to accept until it doesn't say: "The target is out of range."
  • Trade them all to Tosuka-Porika for a cutscene.
  • Return to Upper Jeuno and talk to Luto Mewrilah for a cutscene.
  • Go to Port Jeuno and talk to Khumo Daramasteh, (J-8) by the gate to the Chocobo Circuit, to complete the quest.

Game Description

Luto Mewrilah (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)
Luto wants you to search the Optistery library in Windurst for a book that can help her repair the broken mirror.