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Recommended Fame Quests

Reputation Dialog

Level Reputation Text
1 Who are you supposed to be? hm? It's nothing personal, but I don't have time to waste on strangers.
2 Hm? You're called <Name>, you say? I might've heard that name somewhere before...but perhaps I've mistaken you for another. Either way, it's naught to me.
3 Ah, so you're the one called <Name>. I've heard the odd tale about you. What kind of tales, you ask? I'm afraid the details escape me, but they were positive for the most part, I think.
4 Greetings, <Name>. It's always a pleasure speaking with you. Your efforts have earned your respect among the survivors in Grauberg. Keep up the good work, you hear?
5 Ah, <Name>. I was wondering when you'd next pay a visit. Through your selfless deeds, the survivors have come to hold you in high esteem. On behalf of the folk of Grauberg, I'd like to offer you my thanks.
6 Why, <Name>! Your visit does me great honor! It would be no exaggeration to call you the beating heart of our community. We simply couldn't get by without your inspiring presence!