Brown Mage
Adventurer's Assistant - Food Effect Remover



Digestive Magic Skillup by 0,1

A Tarutaru mage in Lower Jeuno who is working on a report for the Orastery in Windurst. Parike-Poranke claims to be able to use "Brown magic" in order to cure indigestion.

Title: Brown Mage Guinea Pig; Brown Magic By-Product
Notes: He will remove any food effect from your character after trading one bunch of Gysahl Greens (one single, not a stack). He keeps track of a "success" and "failure" amount for the entire server based on how many times Gysahl Greens were traded, though the total number resets after every maintenance.

To increase the "success" rate, you must have one food effect active and trade one bunch of Gysahl Greens. To increase the "failure" rate, you must trade one bunch of Gysahl Greens, but have no food effect active.

If the success count reaches a multiple of 1000, a message will indicate that "Parike-Poranke's digestive magic skill rises 0.1 points." When the trader reaches a multiple of 10,000, Porike-Poranke skills up by 1.0 and you get the title "Brown Mage Guinea Pig" after a cutscene.
For getting the title "Brown Magic By-Product", you have to skill up his science skill (failure skill). It follows the pattern of digestive magic skill up. At 10,000 you will be granted the title.

  • The type and quality of food doesnt matter, as long as it gives a food effect.
  • Food items such as drinks, milk and colored drops give a status effect and do not count as food.
  • Parike-Poranke is featured in G7, or Expanding Horizons, where he helps the player uncap to 85. He is also mentioned when you remove food effects in the Kokba Hostel in Al Zahbi.
  • Set up a macro (/targetnpc /item "Gysahl Greens" <t>) and use the cheapest foods available- either 99 stack cookies (Ginger Cookies from Dream Hat +1, for example), or multiple stacks of Rarab Tails, which are plentiful in the Windurst AH for around 200 per stack.

Involved in Quests

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