Paralyzing Attack
Description: Adds paralyzing effect to regular attacks. Cannot be combined with any other elemental damage additions.
Feral Points: 23

Obtainable From

Name Family Zone Level
Skirling Liger Tiger Batallia Downs 40
Boreal Tiger Tiger Xarcabard 58
Demonic Rose Morbol Dragon's Aery 75-78
Mantrap Flytrap Misareaux Coast 45-49
Master Coeurl Coeurl Yhoator Jungle 47-50
Om'yovra Yovra Al'Taieu 87
Puktrap Flytrap Aydeewa Subterrane 68
Sabertooth Tiger Tiger Batallia Downs 28-32
Smilodon Tiger Batallia Downs (S) 46-48
Ul'hpemde Hpemde Al'Taieu 68-76
Wajaom Tiger Tiger Wajaom Woodlands 65-68
War Lynx Coeurl Meriphataud Mountains (S) 68-72
Zhayolm Apkallu Apkallu Mount Zhayolm 70-74


  • Seems to be around 5-10% proc rate, potency seems to be affected by level. Verification Needed