The Command Platform is the stage from which a player issues commands to his pet during a Pankration match. To enter, talk to one of the command platform guards before the match is about to begin.

The most important part of the command platform are the speaking tubes, which are used to issue commands. The exact outcomes of successful commands is unknown. However, here's a complete list of commands.

  • You're on your own!
May drop discipline level. Monster fights similar to regular monster of its family group.
  • Think, and then think again!
May cause a wider variety of moves, or an increase of spell usage.
  • Watch your opponent, then attack!
May cause a very defensive monster to stop fighting.
  • Less thinking, more striking!
May cause monster to only use physical attacks and abilities.
  • Don't think, kill!
May cause monster to only use attack-based moves/spells.
  • Guard! Block! Parry! Hold!
Appears to cause your monster to use TP at the same time as the opposing monster, as well as preferring defensive/crippling moves.
  • Back off a bit!
Orders your monster to move away from opponent. Good for avoiding Gaze Attacks and other abilities.
  • Give 'em a little more bite!
Unknown, but may offset balance of attack moves vs. defensive moves.
  • Show no mercy!!!
Causes your monster to use TP moves as soon as possible (may cause dominant usage of lower tier TP moves).