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About this guide

I wrote this guide, cause i wanted to put together all informations I have about the new wave of /nin tanking Paladins. This is only recommended for HNM and god fights. In exp parties you won't get hit that hard and need a fast hate producer like Provoke. So all things described in this guide refer to Lv.75 Paladins. I hope i get alot of feedback and suggestions to become better. I apologize for my bad english, it is not my native language. Please tell me of any mistakes. I hope you like it. Thycian


How to tank as PLD/NIN

Some people may call this guide "Paladins want to be Ninjas". In some ways this is true. There are a lot of things you have to do like a Ninja would. But on the other hand you do it completely different.

PLD/NIN when geared correctly is the most powerful tank in the game, there is nothing a good PLD/NIN cannot tank with the right support.

First of all forget VIT and DEF. Your main goal has to be keeping up the shadows and holding hate. So you have to focus on Haste for shorter recast timers on everything, Enmity for more hate and HP in case shadows are down and you're being hit.

How do I keep up my shadows?

First off all, stack as much Haste as you can get to shorten the recast time of Utsusemi spells, but don't forget that Haste caps at 50%, with Dual March and the haste spell, PLD/NIN needs 15% haste (Or Fast cast) from their gear to reach this cap. So if you already reached the cap, focus on Enmity/HP/MP in the remaining slots.

To shorten the casting time use Fast Cast items. There are two for Paladin: Loquacious Earring and Homam Cosciales. Fast Cast also shortens the recast timer.

Use a shield. You have the Dual Wield ability, but it is more useful to use a shield. If you block an attack with your shield while casting a spell, you wont get interrupted. Make a macro to switch in Shield Skill+ items in case you are not able of getting shadows up.

How do I hold hate?

You don't have Provoke, meaning you'll miss your best hate producer. But on the other hand you won't lose as much HP as you would as /war. Losing HP always means losing hate also. Note that over a long fight you will hold hate better as you would as /war. Believe it or try it.

Stack Enmity+ items and macro them in for any spells and job abilities. I don't like to switch visible armor, because its harder for healers to target me, but that's up to you.

Use Flash as soon as it is ready. With capped Haste you can shorten your recast timer for Flash down to 22.5 seconds, this essentially doubles the hate in the same period of time.

Another good hate producers are your Cures. Cure yourself or your Alliance member if they get hit by AoE's or take other damage, a good tip is to watch your co-tank like a hawk, if his HP drops you can cure it for hate, this is not only beneficial to you but to your co-tank also, as if he is getting hit his shadows are down and he is in trouble. Cure IV does more hate than Cure III but needs more MP and time to cast, however since it cures double the HP, it is basically double the hate, and also less mp cost than 2 Cure IIIs. Use it situationally. Some PLD/NIN have a macro with -HP gear. Switching between this and their tanking gear results in loosing some HP which can be cured with a Cure III or Cure IV for additional hate.

Get Atonement. Like Spirits Within its magical based but not elemental. Damage is calculated based on the accumulated hate you gain. This means that the more hate you have the more damage you do. At 100% TP you can do up to 720 dmg resulting in additional hate. Use a Weaponskill like Spirits Within for initial hate at the start of a fight or save TP untill you get enough hate.

Tank Party Setup


The BRD will cast his two March songs, RDM for Refresh and Haste, WHM to keep you alive. The last spot could be any job you like. Maybe a WHM, COR or a second BRD for additional buffs like Ballad.

Recommended Equipment

As you will see there is a lot of equipment that will take some effort and/or gil to acquire. I tried to show at least two items you can use for each slot beginning with the best. Some of these items are situational like Iron Ram Lance. Other items are only macro'd in for Enmity+ or Shield Skill+. I only listed the NQ versions (Macuahuitl NQ has no Enmity so i listed only the HQ version) - HQ's are always better.


Name Stats Comment
Burtgang RareExclusive DMG:46, Delay:264, Enmity +10, Physical Damage Taken -10%, Reduces Enmity decrease when taking physical damage., "Atonement", Aftermath: Increase Accuracy/Attack, Occasionally attacks twice A dream came true. High Enmity and damage reduction. It's a nightmare getting it though. It's the best you can get.
Hauteclaire RareExclusive DMG:46, Delay:240, Accuracy +7, Divine Magic Skill +8, Physical Damage Taken -7%, Additional Effect: Light Damage If you can get it, use it. In my opinion the second best sword you can get as Paladin. The minus Physical Damage Taken is awesome and helps a lot if you can't get your shadows. The only thing you'll miss is the 4 Enmity from Macuahuitl +1.
Macuahuitl +1 DMG:37, Delay:227, Accuracy -4, Attack +11, Enmity +4 Just one word: Enmity.
Iron Ram Lance Rare DMG:70, Delay:365, HP +10, MP +10, Enhances "Resist Silence" effect, Damage taken -10% This is for your Magic Defense Build. You don't need it if you have Aegis and Hauteclaire or Burtgang.
Joyeuse RareExclusive DMG:35, Delay:224, Trans Dark +14, Occasionally attacks twice The high proc rate of Occasionally attacks twice ( Near 45% ) now make it highly valuable for quick TP gain and 45% more frequent Atonement usage for keeping hate. Added bonus of more damage over time output compared to most other swords.


Name Stats Comment
Aegis RareExclusive DEF:40, Enhances "Shield Bash" Effect, Magic Damage Taken -25% Definitely the best shield in the game and is worth all the effort. Highest Proc-rate, highest damage reduction, ten times damage from Shield Bash and Magic Damage Taken Minus - you know the stuff, get it!
Koenig Shield DEF:22, Vitality +5, Charisma +5, Enmity +3 Enhances effect of Beast Killer This or its HQ version are the second best shields due to the Enmity+ and VIT+. The only shield you'll ever need in end game if you can't grab Aegis.
Terror Shield DEF:20, HP +20,Enmity +4, Campaign: Damage taken -10% This has the highest HP:Enmity ratio of any shield currently out, so based on what you're gearing for this may be situationally better than Koenig shield (Unless you have the HQ).


Name Stats Comment
Lamian Kaman DMG:19, Delay:270, MP +10, Magic Defense Bonus +1 Its HQ version gives MDB+2 - This is the best Tanking Bow. MP+ helps too for more Cures and Flashes. I use it all the time.
Fenrir's Stone RareExclusive Daytime: HP +30, Nighttime: Evasion +10 More HP Daytime - that's it. You wont evade any attack.
Rosenbogen DMG:38, Delay:360, HP +10, Vitality +3 Good ol' Rosenbogen. This or its HQ version offers HP+ and VIT+.


Name Stats Comment
Walahra Turban RareExclusive HP+30, MP+30, Haste +5% More HP, more MP, alot of Haste, easy to get. What do you want more?
Bahamut's Mask RareExclusive DEF:32, Enhances Dragon Killer Effect, Enmity +8 Macro this in for JA's and Cures.
Aegishjalmr RareExclusive DEF:23, HP +25, MND-7, CHR -7, Enmity +7 Another good Enmity item.
Koenig Schaller RareExclusive DEF:40, HP +30, Strength -5, Dexterity -5, Vitality +10, Charisma +10, Shield Skill +5 Macro this in if you have trouble getting your shadows up.
Iron Ram Sallet RareExclusive DEF:29, HP +20, Enmity +5, Magic Defense Bonus +3, Set: Increases all elemental resistances This is for your Magic Defense Build. It has some nice Enmity too.
Valor Coronet RareExclusive DEF:28, HP +18, Healing Magic Skill +10, Enmity +3, Enhances "Rampart" effect Macro this in for Rampart if you like.


Name Stats Comment
Parade Gorget RareExclusive DEF:5, MP +10, Latent Effect: Adds Refresh Effect More MP and more Refresh for more Cures and Flashes. Latent activates when HP in white -- Idle in this.
Ritter Gorget RareExclusive DEF:8, HP +25, Evasion +5, Enmity +3 Macro this in for job abilities and magics for more hate due to Enmity. You can use Harmonia's Torque too, it has the same Enmity.
Harmonia's Torque Strength +2, Vitality -5, Enmity +3 Get this if you don't have Ritter Gorget.
Shield Torque HP +7, Shield Skill +7 Macro this in if you have trouble getting your shadows up. The additional Shield Skill will help you not getting interrupted.


Name Stats Comment
Loquacious Earring RareExclusive MP +30, Enhances Fast Cast Effect More MP for cures and Flashes and Fast Cast makes this item very powerfull.
Hades Earring MP +11, Trans Dark +11, Enmity +1 Some MP and Enmity, it's HQ version has 2 Enmity.
Ethereal Earring RareExclusive HP +15, Attack +5, Evasion +5, Converts 3% of Damage Taken to MP Some HP and most important, it converts your taken damage to MP.
Buckler Earring Rare Shield Skill +3 Macro this in for casting Utsusemi: Ichi.


Name Stats Comment
Ares's Cuirass RareExclusive DEF:55, HP +3%, MP +3%, Strength +12, Vitality +12, Attack +24, Adds Refresh Effect It has HP, MP, Refresh and some other nice stats. It's hot. Macro in others for Enmity.
Hydra Haubert RareExclusive DEF:45, HP -20, MP +20, Accuracy +10, Enmity +9, Enchantment: Adds 'Refresh' Effect , <20/20 0:30/[30:00, 0:30]> It offers the most Enmity available for this slot.
Nuevo Coselete RareExclusive DEF:49, HP +20, Strength +5, Dexterity +5, Vitality +5

Augments: Enmity +5, Enhances Fast Cast +5%

Well rounded body piece: Enmity, HP, Fast Cast and added stats boost.
Iron Ram Hauberk RareExclusive DEF:50, HP +32, Enmity +6, Magic Defense Bonus +5, Set: Increases all elemental resistances Second highest Enmity for this slot, Nice HP boost and good for Magic Defense build
Valor Surcoat RareExclusive DEF:55, HP +23, Dexterity +3, Enmity +4, Enhances Cover Ability Effect Well rounded body piece: Enmity, HP and the enhanced Cover.
Gallant Surcoat RareExclusive DEF:47, HP +20, Vitality +4, Divine Magic Skill +5, Enmity +2 If you don't have one of the aboves you can still use your well known AF.


Name Stats Comment
Homam Manopolas RareExclusive DEF:20, HP +20, MP +20, Accuracy +4, Enmity +3, Haste +3% I wear it full time. It has all you want: Haste, Enmity, HP and MP. If you don't have it, get it.
Dusk Gloves DEF:24, HP +20, Attack +5, Haste +3%, Decreases Movement Speed As long as you dont have Homam Manopolas, you can use it for its Haste and macro in Enmity for JA's and Cures.
Valor Gauntlets RareExclusive DEF:22, HP +16, Vitality +5, Enmity +3, Enhances Shield Bash Effect Macro this in for additional Enmity when using Dusk Gloves or maybe for Shield Bash.
Iron Ram Dastanas RareExclusive DEF:22, HP +20, Enmity +4, Magic Defense Bonus +2, Set: Increases all elemental resistances Another piece for your Magic Defense Build. It has some nice Enmity too, so you can macro it in when using Dusk Gloves.


Name Stats Comment
Sattva Ring RareExclusive HP +15~30, Vitality +2~5, Agility +2~5, Enmity +3 Awesome ring for a Paladin, crap for any other job. So most people with more than one job at 75 might have choose another ring. But if you have it, use it for the Enmity, HP and Agility (for shield blocks) it gives.
Bomb Queen Ring RareExclusive HP +75, Trans Fire -75 Use for HP build.
Hercules' Ring Rare Enmity +3, Latent Effect: Adds 'Regen' Effect, Latent Effect: Adds 'Refresh' Effect It gives Enmity and Regen + Refresh when your HP is under 50%.
Mermaid's Ring Rare Trans Water +3, Enmity +2 Another Enmity ring.
Defending Ring RareExclusive Damage Taken -10% Its for casting Utsusemi: Ichi and your Magic Defense Build.
Shadow Ring RareExclusive Occasionally Annulls Magic Damage Taken, Enhances Resistance Against Death, Darksday: Magic Defense Bonus Another ring for your Magic Defense Build.


Name Stats Comment
Valor Cape RareExclusive DEF:16, HP +40, Vitality +6, Enmity +3 It has Enmity, HP and Vitality. You have to love it.
Cerberus Mantle DEF:12, Strength +3, Trans Fire +10, Attack +12, Enmity +3 Same Enmity as Valor Cape, its HQ even has 4 Enmity.
High Breath Mantle DEF:5, Trans Ice +5, Enchantment: HP +38 Enmity +5 , <50/50 0:30/[30:00, 0:30]> It's very cheap (5k on Bismarck) and has the most Enmity and some HP, but you can't macro in Boxer's Mantle. Try to get one of the aboves.
Boxer's Mantle RareExclusive DEF:8, Guard Skill +10, Evasion Skill +10, Shield Skill +10, Parrying Skill +10 Macro this in and it will help you casting Utsusemi: Ichi.
Resentment Cape Rare Exclusive Enmity +2, Magic Damage Taken -5% in areas outside own country's control. A good enmity piece to wear when Tu'Lia isn't under your home country's control. All endgame in Lumoria will activate the magic defense as well. Same goes for Aradjiah endgame. Full time it in these areas, otherwise, use a Cerberus Mantle.


Name Stats Comment
Ninurta's Sash Rare Attack +6, Haste +6%, Subtle Blow +6, Spell Interruption Rate -6% It's a nice dream. Haste and Spell Interruption Rate down helps you with your shadows.
Speed Belt Rare Haste +6% This or its rare/ex equivalent Velocious Belt offers the most Haste you can get.
Swift Belt RareExclusive Accuracy +3, Attack -5, Haste +4% It's a lot easier to obtain then the aboves and offers 4 Haste.
Trance Belt HP +14, Enmity +4 Macro this in for job abilities and magics due to the Enmity.


Name Stats Comment
Homam Cosciales RareExclusive DEF:35, HP +26, MP +26, Accuracy +3, Enhances Fast Cast Effect, Haste +3% It has Haste, Fast Cast, HP and MP. It's your best and only choice for this slot.
Valor Breeches RareExclusive DEF:43, HP +20, Strength +5, Enmity +3, Spell Interruption Rate -10% You can macro it in for additional Enmity or for casting Utsusemi: Ichi due to the Spell Interruption Rate down.


Name Stats Comment
Homam Gambieras RareExclusive DEF:16, HP +31, MP +31, Accuracy +6, Ranged Accuracy +6, Haste +3%, Wyvern: HP +50 This is your Haste piece for this slot.
Gallant Leggings RareExclusive DEF:14, HP +15, Charisma +5, Shield Skill +10, Enhances Holy Circle Effect It's your AF, but the most important feet you can get. Macro this (or better its HQ version) in for casting Utsusemi: Ichi.
Askar Gambieras RareExclusive DEF:17, MP +30, Strength +3, Agility +3, Damage Taken -2%, Enmity +2 Macro this in for additional Enmity on JA's and Cures and for your Magic Defense Build.
Valor Leggings RareExclusive DEF:19, HP +18, Mind +3, Enmity +1, Enhances "Sentinel" effect Macro this in for Sentinel if you like.


Name Stats Comment
Carbonara This offers the awesome amount of 175 HP (180 on the HQ food). It lasts for 30 minutes (HQ 60 minutes).
Pescatora This is a good mix between the high HP from Carbonara and the high Defense from Tavnazian Tacos. (HQ caps at 160 HP and 70 def)
Tavnazian Taco You can use this traditional /war food for /nin also. It adds some HP and MP and a lot of defense in case of dropped shadows.

Macro suggestions

Have macros for each gear set, HP, Enmity, Full haste, Idle, Engaged, MP, MDB, and macro these in for spells/Job abilities.

For Flash, prioritize Haste over Enmity, as 50% haste yields the same effect as +100 enmity, and the cap is +100 enmity.

As stated earlier, having a HP+ macro is incredibly useful for when you need an extra hate boost and your MP is good.

Merit suggestions

I only mention PLD/NIN tanking related merits here. The ones in parantheses I did not merit cause i had no points left, but are good options too.


I did 4 on both, but that's my personal preference. Be sure to max out this category.

Combat skills

  • Shield Skill If you did not merit it yet, do it. It's the most important skill you have.



  • Shield Bash Recast This ability is a good hate producer. The more often you can use it, the more hate you get.
  • Sentinel Recast Sentinel should be 5/5, +100 enmity for 30 seconds is godly.
  • Fealty Great Ability to reduce or block the effect from special attacks, such like Mortal Ray or Meteor.
  • Chivalry This is a good way to use your TP. Your WS won't do much damage.
  • Guardian When merited 5/5 it reduces Volatile Enmity decay by 95%, this means that you only lose 90 VE over the 1800 you would normally loose, and that is a lot.
  • (Rampart Recast Great to reduce magical damage.)
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