Paintbrush of Souls

Paintbrush of Souls
A large paintbrush found in the
library of the Temple of Uggalepih.
It appears to harbor some
mysterious power...
See below.
See below.

How to Obtain

Temple of Uggalepih Composite

Composite Map

  • To obtain the paintbrush, you must first get an Uggalepih Key for each person who wants it.
    • Another option is to get 1 key for someone who can Tractor dead party members inside the secret door at I-7 of Map 2.
  • Once you get the key, go to F-7 on Map 1 and trade the Uggalepih Key to the Granite Door.
    • Trading the Uggalepih Key will trigger a walk-through-the-door cut-scene, so only the person who trades it will get into the room.
    • The Uggalepih Key will be used up upon entering the room.
  • Read each of the three Worn Books in the room to obtain an Old Rusty Key key item.
  • Click on the Old Casket and use the Old Rusty Key to get your Paintbrush of Souls key item.

How to Use

  • (Kill the temple guardian to pass the Granite Door) At (I-7), in Map 2 of the Temple of Uggalepih, head to the empty frame on the east wall.
  • Stand directly in the center of the empty frame, as close to the wall as possible. It is VERY fussy about where you stand. If you only recieve the first message below, you need to stand closer.
  • Click on the empty frame and you will get two text messages:
  1. "There is a blank canvas in this frame. The paintbrush of souls begins to twitch."
  2. "By focusing your thoughts on the paintbrush of souls, a new painting begins to appear on the canvas..."

NOTE : You MUST be standing close enough to the wall for the messages to appear, if you are too far away it will just keep saying that the brush begins to twitch each time you click the blank canvas.

  • Do not immediately confirm the message; wait 30+ seconds (the screen should flash, briefly, when 30 seconds have elapsed), then confirm the message. This should result in some more text:
  • "You succeeded in projecting the image in your soul to the blank canvas. The door to the Rancor Den has opened!"
  • NOTE: The Windower Add-on Enternity must not be active for this to work.

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